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Bus Shelter Advertising in Delhi

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Bus Shelter Advertising in Delhi. Best offers on BQS or bus stop display advertising in Delhi. Bus Shelter ad rates in Delhi.

If you wish to expand your brand visibility in the urban and semi-urban areas of the National Capital Region, you could consider bus shelter advertising in Delhi. Bus shelter advertising is extremely cost-effective and impactful for generating greater viewer attraction. Since the people of Delhi are heavily reliant on the bus service for their daily transportation, they spend a considerable amount of time at the bus stops waiting for their buses. Choose the right media agency for your brand promotion as MyHoardings has expertise in this field.

Advertisers take advantage of the wait time of the daily passengers. They indulge in exclusive bus shelter advertising. This ensures that the passenger gets a few minutes of their time daily in the proximity of the brand. This is bound to impact your brand image positively. Additionally, bus stop advertising in Delhi will also generate a gradual increase in sales.

Apart from the waiting passengers, bus shelter advertising also influences the pedestrians and the onlookers from vehicular traffic. Delhi is known for its traffic during the peak hours of the day like office hours and school hours. So, you could capitalize on this by attracting the attention of the onlooker on your brand’s advertisement. Bus shelter advertising includes pillar wrap ads, hoardings, posters, banners, flexes, back-lit panels, and other illuminated advertising panels.

Benefits of bus shelter advertising in Delhi:

As already mentioned, the advantages of bus stop advertising are manifold. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Bus stand advertising is quite budget-friendly. Therefore, if you are looking for an advertising option that generates viewer response at lower costs, bus stop advertising is a great option.
  2. If your aim is to geo-target your brand’s audience, you could efficiently do so with bus shelter advertising. In this way, you could spot those areas which are lacking in the brand’s popularity and accordingly, advertise in those specific towns and localities.
  3. Bus shelter advertising is the perfect brand option for short-time advertisings and brand campaigns. Thus, if you are planning to launch or re-brand your product or service, bus shelter advertising diversifies your advertising campaign.
  4. Bus stop advertising enables the consumers to have a quick absorption of information which fosters curiosity in people regarding your brand.
  5. Bus stand advertising ensures 24-hour visibility along with good readability. So, this kind of OOH advertising provides a higher impact in a shorter period of time.
  6. Bus stand advertising is a good medium for the viewership of the local commuters, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic.
  7. Bus shelter advertising is tremendously impactful in terms of directional information regarding the brand, resulting in greater customer response.