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Bus Shelter Advertising in Pune

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Pune is one of the most crowded cities in India.  People from all over India and abroad visit this place for various reasons.  It is considered to be the second IT hub available in India.  Not only IT, but Pune is also famous for its manufacturing and automobile hubs. Pune is also known as the “Oxford of the East” as this city consists of many educational institutions. Having so many specialties the city is attracting many people.  Though Marathi is spoken here, the national language Hindi is also spoken along with English.  Since the floating population is more, people opt for bus transport as it is very economical and affordable. So one can find a huge crowd in bus shelters in Pune. Hence, bus shelters can be considered a good place for advertising.

What is bus shelter advertising?

Bus shelter advertising refers to an advertisement displayed on the bus shelter.  Mostly, the marketing and relevant promotional content are displayed to attract the local commuters in the locality.  Not only marketing content, but sometimes the name of the company sponsoring the bus shelter also appears as an act of advertisement.

Is bus shelter advertising in Pune effective?

Yes, the bus shelter advertising in Pune is effective as the technique is good and is still being followed today.  The cost of bus shelter advertising is also comparatively less. The latest digital display screens also can be arranged in the bus shelters.  But the amount of investment required for this setup is more and there is always a threat of occurrence of damage to the digital screens.  Even though people may not intentionally see the screens, while waiting for the bus, they may just glance at the advertisement. Waiting for the bus is a common practice in India.  When an advertisement is seen daily, the individual may get curious about the product being displayed or about the company that is sponsoring the bus shelter. A single start from the viewer’s side will increase the list of potential customers.  Not only the people at the bus shelter but there Is also a chance of watching the advertisement by those people who are passing by.  Even though the advertising technique may not prove efficient initially, the effect it makes on the minds of people can be experienced.  People start talking about the advertisement displayed in the bus shelter and this is a good sign.  For an advertisement to be effective it must be communicated properly.  The person seeing the advertisement should clearly understand the message.  Only when he/she understands the message, the purpose of bus shelter advising is served. The advertisement should be eye-catchy and should not be overcrowded with information.  Only relevant information should be displayed.


What are the tips required in bus shelter advertising?

  • Approach a good professional advertising agency.
  • Ensure to promote the product/service by giving a suitable message.
  • A good representation of the advertisement should be made as people standing in the bus shelter should not feel awkward standing in the bus shelter. Especially ladies.

Conclusion: There are many advertising techniques available.  The choice of suitable advertising technique is the one that makes the difference between a common businessman and an expert businessman.

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