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BQS Advertising in Bhopal

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BQS Advertising, Bus Shelter Advertising, BQS Branding

BQS or bus queue shelter advertising is a cost-effective form of out-of-home advertising. This form of advertising is popular in cities with active bus system. Bhopal is one of the greenest cities of India. It is a popular tourist destination for both national and international audience due to its rich heritage culture, scenic beauty and monuments. Bhopal bus rapid transit system (BRTS) has a fleet of 225 buses. These buses include both AC and Non-AC low floor buses. These buses run across the city and facilitate commuters to reach their destination on time.

Bus stops play a vital role in managing both the buses and the riders. The bus stops are located at prime areas which connect the city to other important areas. Bus stop advertising is has always played an important role in helping the brands to communicate with their target audience outside their home.

Key benefits of Bus queue shelter (BQS) includes:

  • Uncluttered advertising space: As bus shelters are area specific and there is a fixed distance between one bus shelter to another, only one brand can advertise at one BQS at a time. The uncluttered advertising space offered by bus queue shelters lets the audience focus on the brand’s communication message without any other distraction.
  • Cost-effective: BQS ads are highly cost-effective media as compared to other outdoor advertising tools. The high exposure, visibility and reach they offer to any local or global band is unmatched. The ads at the bus shelters are out in open place and the number of views they get is considerably huge as compared to any other media.
  • Live 24×7: The best part about BQS ads is that they are not time bounded like print or television media. The ads are live 24×7 and can be viewed by the audience at any time of the day. People in metro cities hustle even at night hours thus making the advertising message reach large audience even when the operational hours of the buses are over. People passing by can view the ads at late hours.
  • Multiple ad-format options: Brands can experiment with different ad formats to attract the target audience. Apart from static ads, the advertisers can opt for back lit ads, digital screen ads, touch screen ads and more. The ads can be placed at side panels, benches and top panel of the bus shelters.
  • High engagement: The ad copy of bus queue shelter ads is large, attractive, bright, short and crisp. Moreover, the brand message is usually placed at the eye-level of the audience at the bus shelter. The attractive ad copy and closeness of the visual message engages the audience for more than just a glance. They would be interested in reading the brand message and might also act on any ‘call to action’ message to kill their ideal time at the bus queue shelters.
  • Highly-effective local campaigning too: Bus shelter ads work wonders for local ad campaigns like that of ‘election campaigns’, ‘awareness drives’, ‘local event promotions’ etc. The bus riders are usually local people and therefore, any local agenda raised by bus shelter advertising gets instant attention.
  • Multi-dimensional approach: Bus queue shelter advertising is not restricted to bus riders rather they catch the attention of multiple audience. The ads are received by the bus shelter audience, bus riders, pedestrians and vehicular audience. Thus, amplifying the reach and visibility of the brand message.

Bus Shelter / OOH Advertising locations In Mumbai

Bus Shelter / OOH Advertising locations In Mumbai

Name Of Bus StopCategoryLocality/LandmarkDimensions
Bandra WestBus ShelterSt. Peter's Church (BOI), Opposite St. Stanislaus SchoolFront Panel - 20 W x 3.11 H Ft. , Back Drop(3 Nos) - 5.10 W x 3.6 H Ft., Side Panels(2Nos) - 4.5 W x 3.11 H Ft.
Juhu Bus ShelterJuhu S.Parulekar Marg179 Sq. Ft.
Mulund West Mumbai 22275Bus ShelterHindustan Chowk, Durgha Road, Mulund (W)142
Andheri East Mumbai 28546Bus ShelterOutside Mirador HotelFront Panel - 19.2 W x 3.1 H Ft. , Back Drop(3 Nos) - 5.8 W x 3.4 H Ft., Side Panels(2Nos) - 3.6 W x 3.1 H Ft.
Bandra West Mumbai 28501Bus ShelterOpposite Tava RestaurantFront Panel - 19 W x 4 H Ft. , Back Drop(3 Nos) - 5.8 W x 3.4 H Ft., Side Panels(2Nos) - 4 W x 4 H Ft.
Worli Mumbai 28512Bus ShelterNear Phoenix Mills Mall, Lower ParelFront Panel - 18.11 W x 4 H Ft. , Back Drop(3 Nos) - 5.9 W x 3.5 H Ft
Ghatkopar East MumbaiBus ShelterGhatkopar M.G.Road after Shoppers Stop ,Income Tax173 Sq. Ft.
Mankhurd Mumbai, MaharashtraBus ShelterMankhurd Stn Road, Mankhurd148
Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Road MumbaiBus ShelterWorli Seaface Road176 Sq. Ft.
VN Purva Rd MumbaiBus ShelterNarmadeshwar Mandir148

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