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BQS Advertising in Kolkata

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BQS advertising, otherwise known as Bus Queue Shelter advertising, involves branding the waiting area at the bus stops. Besides, bus advertising, bus shelter advertising has emerged as one of the key methods of reaching out to people. With bus shelter advertising, you can aim to connect with commuters, drivers, and residential people. These ads are mostly placed on the bus stop’s top, providing a clutter-free ad viewing experience. And with its high visibility, even people on other vehicles passing by the bus shelter will be able to spot the ad. So, with BQS advertising, you can aim for a high-impact brand campaign.

Why choose BQS Advertising?

By choosing to invest in BQS advertising, you can also target niche audiences with your brand. Yes, that is right. BQS advertising also allows you a hyper-focused and geo-targeted approach to branding. Just put up an ad at the bus shelter in a wealthy neighborhood with several commercial establishments. And your brand will be visible to the most affluent people of the city. Besides, these places often happen to be the workplaces in the city. Therefore, with a single campaign at the major city junctions’ bus shelters, you could target an outreach of thousands.

Often in few parts of the city, it so happens that large-format advertising media options are prohibited. In that scenario, BQS advertising can come to your rescue. With a properly lit, eye-catching design, you can advertise in those areas through bus queue shelter advertising. Therefore, you can spread brand awareness in the most inaccessible and remote parts of the city too.

Furthermore, BQS advertising is lucrative for advertisers and marketers too. It is extremely cost-effective and provides a high viewership. Therefore, BQS advertising can be an ideal marketing tool for brand launches and relaunches in urban. In addition, bus queue shelter is effective in semi-urban areas too. As people spend a substantial part of the day commuting, they take the brand message to other parts of the city.

BQS Advertising in Kolkata

Advertising in Kolkata has scores of benefits for your brand. With an effective brand campaign in Kolkata, you will reach the heart of the biggest metropolitan city in Eastern India. For the very same reason, Kolkata houses the headquarters of crucial companies and organizations of the country. So, people from all over the country come to the city for job opportunities. Also, because of premium universities and colleges in the city, students come for better academic opportunities. Additionally, it is one of the best tourist attractions in the country. So, with a well-planned advertising campaign in the city, you can expand your business easily into the eastern part of the country.

A few well-known places of the city where you could plan to implant ads at bus queue shelters are:

  • Near the airport,
  • At the bus stand of Howrah Railway Station,
  • At the Sealdah Railway Station bus stand,
  • Park Street Bus Stand,
  • Victoria Memorial Bus Stand,
  • Ecospace Bus Stand,
  • Esplanade Bus Stand,
  • Near Tollygunge tram Depot,
  • College Street Bus Stand,
  • Nabanna Bus Terminus,
  • Rabindra Sadan Bus Stand,
  • AJC Bose Road Crossing,
  • Park Circus seven-point crossing,
  • Shyambazar five-point crossing etc.

So, give your brand-new identity by advertising at the most important and posh areas of Kolkata and reach out to the East Indian people.

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