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Can metro pillar advertising in Delhi prove resourceful?

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The nation is progressing at a fast rate.  The developments can be experienced by the change in the scenario of any city apart from changes in the lifestyle of the people. May new systems are introduced to the public for their benefit.  One such benefit is the introduction of metro trains.  The concept of transport through trains is pretty old. But due to the increase in population and excess demand for good and fast transport, many innovations were done. Metro trains proved to be a boon to the public traveling within the city.  Our capital Delhi is providing the best metro train services. As the roads are congested and normally trains are occupied, the metro lines are constructed on pillars. These pillars can prove to be a good advertising location. Since the metro lines are constructed within the city, pillar advertising will attract the attention of the public.

What can be advertised on pillars?

Any advertisement related to any brand can be advertised on pillars.  Usage of advertising through digital displays will suit the location better. The advertisement materials should be in such a way that it does not affect the pillar structure as any damage to the pillar will affect the metro line as such.  However, the concerned departments objected to metro pillar advertising as it sometimes leads to accidents on road. Metro pillar advertising can be done but only in the place where the concerned departments permit it.  Metro pillar advertising is a good source of revenue.  But as the safety norms are to be ensured, the government restricts too much metro pillar advertising.

What is the cost of metro pillar advertising?

Every advertising campaign has a cost and is not similar in all cases. The cost of the advertising campaign depends on the popularity of the brand, the location where it is placed and the time duration it will be placed.  There is no doubt that every rupee spent on metro pillar advertising is fruitful but this sort of metro pillar advertising is possible only when the concerned department agrees and approves the advertising display.  There are several advertising companies specializing in metro pillar advertising in Delhi.  A choice of good and experienced professionals in advertising will be a good step in placing the brand in front of the public.

What is the ideal location in Delhi for metro pillar advertising?

Normally, the Delhi metro consists of 10 lines connecting approximately 255  stations and more than 1 million people travel daily. These metro lines are divided based on colours. The yellow-coloured line is designed in such a way that it covers all the important, busy, and market-oriented areas in Delhi.  So metro pillar advertising near these yellow line metro stations will be beneficial in attracting the maximum number of people. The cost of advertising is also reasonable.

Conclusion: Advertising requires a creative brain. A talented person can do wonders with the available sources.  Though the metro pillar is a good location for advertising, as it is a public property one cannot misuse the resource for personal benefit.

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