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Café Coffee Day Branding and Benefits!

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The ‘café culture ‘ in India has witnessed a remarkable boost in past few year owing to the need of youngsters to have a ‘third place’ to hang out with friends apart from their home (the first place) or office or college (the second place). The need to have a place where people can sit, relax, enjoy with friends and family while sipping hot and cold beverages has pushed the Indian café culture to speed up in full throttle. These café offer soothing ambience where people can have their ‘chill time’ either with family or alone with their books, tablets, laptops etc.

Metro cities were certainly the early adopters to café culture wherein brands like Barista, Café Coffee Day, and Costa Coffee etc. fueled the coffee drive but now even international players like Starbucks are thriving in India for its increasingly popular coffee culture. However, Café Coffee Day still remains the ‘made in India’ brand and has an emotional attachment with the Indian audience. The brand has always advertised itself as a place to be with friends and family. The coffee acted as ‘glue’ to connect with new friends, fix family issues, hold office meetings, meet new eligible people for marriage or to even settle divorce. Café coffee day always projected itself as an accessible, affordable and acceptable place for Indian community. Thus, it attached itself to the people of all age group and genders seamlessly in Indian society.

Apart from being the most humble yet cool place to be at especially for the young crowd it is also the most popular café for advertising campaigns. Yes! Café coffee day itself is a huge market place for brands to showcase and engage with the prospective consumers.

Benefits of advertising at Café Coffee Day:

  • With 572 cafés in 165 cities all over India, it makes itself the largest coffee chains in India.
  • As it is a ‘made in India’ brand it connects with the audience on the basis of authenticity, affordability and accessibility easily.
  • Every outlet of CCD provides appropriate space and ambience as required to set a positive and peaceful mood to make the people receptive of any brand message conveyed to them.
  • The CCD outlets are spacious, well-lit and have reserved advertising spaces that can be booked by brands for advertising and promotions.
  • CCD outlets are spread across prime locations of any city such as at central markets, prime malls, commercial areas and residential areas. The location calls for high footfall especially at weekend or during festive seasons benefitting both; the outlet as well as the brands advertised here.

Modes of advertising at Café Coffee Day Cafes:

  • 3D Table stickers: Table stickers are the most sorted advertising options at CCD outlets as people spend their maximum time sitting and enjoying their coffee and snacks and they sure can’t miss the attractive 3D table stickers of any brand.
  • Standees: Brand’s attractive standees can be placed at prime spots within the café itself to draw maximum audience attention. These spots can be near billing counters, at the entrance gates or near washrooms.
  • Table Tent Cards: Like stickers table tent cards can’t be missed by the visitors as they are placed on the tables and catches instant attention of the visitors.
  • Wall branding: Colorful posters can be placed inside the CCD outlets to grab the eyeballs of the visitors. It is important that the wall-posters are catchy, colorful and have crisp copy to engage the consumers.
  • Holographic ad: To make it more interesting brands can use an innovative way to attract visitors by playing with lighting effects. The Holographic ad uses LED lights to create an image suspended in the air. The illusion is so strong that whether it is brand logo or a product image it looks almost real.
  • Digital screens: Paid ads can be played at specific hours on the digital screens mounted inside the café.
  • Branded tissue paper: To make it more meaningful and useable at the same time, the brands can offer to sponsor tissue papers at the outlets. They are handy and people even carry them or keep them in cars or at homes when extra. This in turn gives the brand an opportunity to connect with the audience for longer duration.

Brands can choose from any branding options that fit their budget and can get maximum ROI (return of investment) through Café coffee day advertising in India.

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