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Cycle Branding : The budget friendly way to promote your brand!

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Cycle Branding (Bicycle and Tricycle): The budget friendly way to promote your brand!

Bicycles branding is a unique way through which brands tend to promote themselves in a subtle yet impactful manner. Bicycle branding attracts audience’s attention for its unique approach and novelty. Bicycle branding is a new concept and not much brands have experimented with this medium. However, if used appropriately, bicycle branding can help promote brand in many ways.

How Cycle Advertising helps in pushing brand sales?

  • New medium invokes curiosity in the onlookers. They get attracted to the unusual method of advertising and tend to pay more attention. Thus enhancing brand awareness.
  • Cycle fleets can be used as a part of advertising campaign this will engage this audience on multi-media level, thus enhancing brand reinforcement.
  • Cycles can reach to wide spread audience scattered in nooks and corner of the city. This expands the brand reach and visibility.
  • Cycle branding also helps in positive brand recall if used as a part of media mix with other conventional mediums such as TV commercials, print ads etc.

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Ad placement options for Cycle Advertising:

  • Bicycle basket
  • Back wheel
  • Seat rod

Bicycle fleets can be used to create a buzz among audience at crowded places such as main markets, around malls, during traffic signals, around malls etc. MyHoardings, outdoor advertising agency caters to bicycle branding in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc at cost-effective rates.