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How is ‘Outdoor Advertising’ industry evolving itself in current scenario? Where is it headed?

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OOH media options available in India

Considered the most traditional advertising form, advertisers swear by ‘ooh media options’ for their brand campaigns. Hoardings and billboards at major road junctions and urban public spaces have always graced the Indian cities with their vibrance. However, with the turn of the decade, the OOH industry is noticing a shift in interests. With each passing day, more advertisers are opting for digital screens for branding.

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Digital Out Of Home advertising or DOOH has revolutionized the way people look at advertising. As a result, greater numbers of analog spaces are being digitized. Advertisers have been opting for digital screens also for their flexibility and reliability. Newer technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), cloud computing, GPS, etc., have further made outdoor advertising more engaging. Therefore, advertisers are investing in better advertising solutions with the expansion of technology.

Why take the digital route to OOH Media Options?

The integration of artificial intelligence has reshaped digital advertising. AI can optimize advertising campaigns with the help of data to enable target-oriented brand marketing. Algorithms and programmatic approaches have been able to predict consumer interests and behaviors with greater precisions. Consequently, targeting audiences through ad campaigns has become more efficient and result-driven.

Another gamechanger for the outdoor advertising industry has been the inclusion of real-time ad campaigns. So, the brands can now be more interactive and responsive to consumer demands and behaviors. Digitizing the outdoor spaces, thus gives more scope to brands as the advertisers can change ads during live campaigns. Additionally, through this technology, advertisers can alter ads based on the time of the day, weather, location, etc. Therefore, advertisers are able to add more context to the ads to make them more relatable to people. So, this flexibility coupled with the OOH’s capacity to grab eyeballs gives the brands a powerful tool for brand marketing.

Furthermore, digital screens are weatherproof. This reduces the associated costs of outdoor marketing as damages of wear and tear are less as compared to the traditional OOH media options. Also, the printing and mounting costs can be done without in the case of DOOH marketing. And the cost per impression of DOOH is much less than that of the traditional OOH media options.

So, to sum it all up, together with the rising demand and evolution of technology, OOH media options is expanding only to make it more relatable and impactful.