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Car Advertising in Delhi

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How does the idea of branding on wheels sound to you? With the lucrative media advertising option of car advertising in Delhi, you can advertise your brand in different parts of the city. Car advertising has gained popularity because of its advantage in mobility. The image and message of the brand will be on display on the exterior of a car or a cab. Thus your brand will travel to the corners of the city with the cabs or cars.

Various kinds of car advertising options in Delhi:

This kind of advertising has gained immense popularity since the days of online cab services. Other than cabs, car advertising also includes branding on autos, buses, and other vehicles on hire. Along with branding on four doors of the cab, you can also indulge in car top branding. Car top branding utilizes the top of the cabs too for advertising purposes. Thus, not only is this a strategic use of available car space but also is a cost-effective branding option for advertisers.

Besides cabs, car advertising is also done on autos, where posters and banners are stuck on the back panel of the auto or on the entire auto hood. Auto advertising is cheap, extremely pocket-friendly, and more versatile as autos are such transit medium availed by people of all income groups. Furthermore, there is no stipulated period for branding on autos. Although the minimum branding period if 1 month, the advertisement on the autos stays unless they are taken off or are damaged.

Apart from the above, car advertising also includes truck advertising and branding on mobile vans. Both offer flexible branding options as per the type of truck or van that you select for the campaign. Thus for greater brand visibility and greater brand outreach, car advertising is extremely efficacious. Also, mobility and cost-effectiveness are the biggest allies of car advertising. To sum it all up, car advertising is one of the most alluring and poignant forms of brand advertising.

Car Advertising Rates | Cab Branding Cost in Delhi –

Car Advertising ModeMinimum No of CarsCar Ads Rate/Car/Month
External Door Wrap100₹ 4100
Internal Display100₹ 1300
Digital Screen100₹ 500

FAQ’s for Car Advertising services in India –

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