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Advertising on Non-AC buses in Gujarat

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Gujarat is one of those states that heavily depend on the bus transport system for its transit. People throughout the state avail themselves of bus services to reach different corners of the state. Therefore, it can be said that buses are the lifeline of the state of Gujarat.

Consequently, bus advertising has evolved as the most popular non-traditional advertising media option in the state. And rightfully so as lakhs of people take the bus service every day. Ever since the inception of GSRTC (Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation), the service has expanded to cover 98% of the villages. This means that over 99% of the population of Gujarat depends on the bus transport system. Other than this, GSRTC also has long-distance services as its buses ply to the major cities of the country.

Why should you advertise on non-AC buses in Gujarat?

From the above data, it is evident that advertising on the buses is an effective way to reach out not just to the locals but also to the western part of the country. Advertising on non-AC buses is an effective way of taking your brand name to the urban areas as well as the interiors of the state. GSRTC covers 18,551 villages of Gujarat out of 18,676 villages and makes nearly 47462 trips daily. The infrastructure of GSRTC has nearly 125 bus deports and 16 divisions. Thus, it can be safely said that people from all backgrounds opt for the bus services in Gujarat. So, the cost per view of bus advertising in Gujarat is relatively lesser than in the other states.

The non-AC bus advertising option involves advertising on the bus panels, the exterior wrap ads, and on the interiors of the bus. As a result, you can achieve the goals of both engagements and wide reach with your brand ads. Therefore, along with the passengers, bus advertising also gains the eyeballs of the by-passers and onlookers. Consequently, through bus advertising, brands become a familiar name to the people of Gujarat.

There is another added advantage of advertising on non-AC buses. Close to 40,000 employees work in GSRTC. Therefore, branding on the buses also plays an impactful role in influencing these workers. It is true that there are other transit media options available in the state in the likes of cabs, autos, and trains. However, the passengers of the non-AC buses in Gujarat are disproportionately higher than the other options.

Furthermore, the bus service caters to nearly 25 lakh passengers on a daily basis from varying income class, age group, geography, etc. So, indulge in pan-state bus branding in Gujarat through bus advertising and popularize your brand in Western India.

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