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How DOOH Display Boards on BMTC Bus Stations in Bengaluru 

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Visibility is key to the growth of any brand. The more people see the name and image of a product, the more the chances of sales. This is why companies are always looking for opportunities to spread the image of their brand. Seeing is what impacts the mind the most and this is why visual publicity has become the most popular way of advertising a product. 

Why Advertise At Bus Stations In Bengaluru?

Buses are still the most popular transport in both urban and rural India. This is especially true in fast-growing metros like Bengaluru. The garden city of the South has become an IT hub, attracting companies from both within and out of India. The huge workforce of this industry use buses to travel to their offices every day. 

Buses are the best way to reach various destinations in Bengaluru. This is why the bus stations are always crowded with people of all ages traveling to work or other necessities. Waiting for buses can be boring and this is the time that people use for looking around. It is the right opportunity to feed advertisements to their minds. 

With the population demanding more amenities at the bus stations, there is a need for a huge amount of funds. Leasing advertisement space in bus stations is proving to be an excellent source. Publicity companies can grab this opportunity as these places offer excellent exposure to diverse groups of consumers. 

The Benefits  of DOOH Advertising 

DOOH stands for digital-out-of-home and this is the latest trend in outdoor advertising. The days of hand-painted hoardings and signboards are over. Today companies can get their products looking exactly like the original with digital printing. This technology has brought about a huge transformation in outdoor advertising. 

One of the benefits of outdoor advertising is that people cannot avoid it. They can change channels on TV, flick the pages of a magazine or go out during ads in cinemas. But attractive outdoor publicity grabs the attention of consumers with its lively colors and powerful messages. There is no way people can avoid looking at these digital boards. 

Bus Station Ads Are Customizable

Another big advantage of bus station publicity is that companies can focus on their target consumers. Different bus stations in Bengaluru cater to particular sections of people. Those near educational institutions can be used to target students. Bus stations in industrial areas will serve well to target young working people. 

It is not necessary to have large hoardings at bus stations. Companies that seek to spend lesser can opt for standees or smaller boards on the pillars. There are also digital information boards that can be used for publicity. Depending on the campaign funds and message to be conveyed, bus stations offer a variety of publicity options. 

It’s A Wrap

Increasingly, people are using their commuting time to buy goods online. Bus travelers recall the brands they see advertised at bus stations when they order their requirements online. Better visibility will immediately convert to sales. 

Bus Shelter / BQS Advertising In Bangalore

Name Of Bus StopCategoryLocality/LandmarkDimensions
BTM Layout, Bangalore, 30392Bus ShelterSilk Board JunctionFront Panel - 25.3 W x 5.3 H Ft, MUPI - 4.3 W x 8.3 H Ft(2 nos
Jeevan Bima NagarBus ShelterOld Airport RoadFront Panel - 25 W x 4 H Ft, Side Panel - 7 W x 4 H Ft(2 Nos.)
HBR Layout, Bangalore, 31118Bus ShelterNagawara BescomTop Panel - 20 W x 4 H Ft, Back Panel - 13 W x 4 H Ft
Bilekahalli, Bangalore, 30957Bus ShelterBilekahalliTop Panel - 19.3 W x 3.6 H Ft, Back Panel - 13 W x 3.6 H Ft
Koramangala, Bangalore, 30480,Bus ShelterHosur Road Silk Board JunctionFront Panel - 25.3 W x 5.3 H Ft, MUPI - 4.3 W x 8.3 H Ft(2 nos)
Cooke Town, BangaloreBus ShelterLingarajapura FlyoverFront Panel - 25 W x 4 H Ft, Side Panel - 7 W x 4 H Ft
Basaveshwara Circle, BangaloreBus ShelterRc College - BTop Panel - 19.4 W x 3.6 H Ft, Back Panel - 12.1 W x 3.6 H Ft
Maruthi Sevanagar, Bangalore, 31025Bus ShelterIsolation, Isolation Hospital, K R Puram, IndiranagarTop Panel - 19.6 W x 3.6 H Ft, Back Panel - 13 W x 3.6 H Ft
Sheshadripuram, Bangalore, 30868Bus ShelterCentral - A, Near Mantri MallTop Panel - 19.6 W x 3.6 H Ft, Back Panel - 13 W x 3.6 H Ft
Shelter Koramangala, Bangalore, 30609Bus ShelterOpposite Agarwal eye hospital.Front Panel - 25 W x 4 H Ft, Side Panel - 7 W x 4 H Ft(2 Nos.)