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Investment in Growing technology of OOH Ad Startup

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How to Invest in Indian Startups?

Investment in Growing technology of OOH Ad Startup

While starting a startup in the Out-of-Home advertising Sector there are lots of doubts and questions about funding, investors, return etc. For starters, it’s likely for someone to lose most of the money invested. That’s definitely not what one wants and hopes for but it’s a good experience to test and understand if one has the right temperament of investing in OOH.

Few things to keep in mind while investing in the growing technology of this sector:

  • Some portion of the net worth needs to be set aside – this is not the amount that is invested.
  • Invest what can be risked losing at a loss
  • A well in-depth research needs to be done regarding the market in which the investment would be done for OOH by Advertising Agency
  • Understand what the OOH Ad startup has planned out regarding the structure of its campaign or business

Where / How to Invest in Indian Startups? 

MyHoardings, the Indian Outdoor Advertising, Media, Marketing, Digital, OOH Hoardings Advertising Agency says, that its ‘vision is to provide a centralized solution which can ease complexity of outdoor advertising field’ in India.

To enable marketing and advertisement companies to reach their target customers and provide best products or services in the best cost-effective manner, they provide a user friendly environment GUI. Investing in MyHoardings will enable to meet companies and negotiate the best possible deals in the least cost. They provide a platform for all investors to carry out the task smoothly and gain results beyond expectations.

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MyHoardings cover all range of OOH Advertisements, from billboards, train ads, mall ads, rural areas ads, bus ads, taxi ads etc. It is basically the centralized platform for business owners to search for their outdoor business promotion needs in the form of all types of OOH services. It can be considered as an encyclopedia and hence investing in it would be a great step forward.

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