November 28, 2020


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Is creativity new Buzzword in advertising and marketing arena ?

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Innovative Advertisement India ,Creative Advertisement India

Either adopt creativity and innovation in the way you do advertising OR you’ll be thrown out of the business soon-Says famous OOH advertising analyst Mr.Ashok Patidar at a recent conference organized by TheMediaBazaar in Bangalore.

Truly, people are getting bored with traditional outdated advertising practices being adopted by many advertisers in the current date as well. Better suggested to donate the money among the poor rather wasting on campaigns that will no longer give you leads and business. So, if you want to grab customer attention, you need to do something NEW, something catchy!!

Let me explain more. First of all, places, where people spend time, have changed drastically over the last 4-6 years. You’ll find more and more people in Malls, city Restaurants etc. So rather than waiting for them to reach to your ad, it’s a better idea to reach where your customers are. Read the below new trends which are impacting customers buying habits.

Mall Advertising

Airport Advertising and Marketing

Advertise in Pizza/Fast Food Centers

Marketing in Bank ATM’s

Innovative Advertisement India ,Creative Advertisement India,Outdoor marketing India,Innovative Out OF Door Campaigns,OOH Advertising India

Cost of Billboard Advertising In Kolkata

Mode of AdvertisingSize (In Sq. Feet)Rates ( Start from)
Hoardings12x8₹ 10,000
Unipoles10x10₹ 5,000
Skywalk12x8₹ 40,000
Bus Shelter12x8₹ 1,20,000
Metro Pillar12x8₹ 18,000
Digital OOH10x10₹ 30,000

FAQ’s for Outdoor Advertising in India-

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