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Get the brand on sales track through Railway advertising!

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One can understand the importance of railway system in India with the fact that  13 million passengers travel via Indian trains on daily basis. Railways are the most preferred mode of transportation in India for both long and short routes as they are fast, comfortable and cheap. The Indian railway system is the 4th largest railway network in the world. Advertising at railway stations started very early with railway announcements of ‘lost, found and missing’ complaints , train announcements, public issue ads and announcing other important information. The same concept has been modified to advertise brands in a more impactful way.

Railway advertising includes:

  • Train wraps: The brand ads run across the length and breadth of the train, covering the entire train with attractive brand ad. 
  • Demos/samples: Some brands try to engage the audience by offering product samples or offering demos inside the train. Through this they make the audience interact  with the brand and experience it.
  • Sponsorship: Bands often sponsor meals or snacks to make their presence felt. Sponsorship gives the brand an opportunity  to make the consumer use the brand product while they travel.
  • Train seats: Laminations and posters are placed on train seats to catch the attention of the traveler. The commuters tend to read the displayed message while they travel as they have enough time to take a look at the surroundings and pay attention to the brand message.
  • Toilet ads: Every passenger uses the train toilets at least once in their train journey. Putting up ads in the toilet fetch full attention of the passenger as the ad is unavoidable.
  • Railway platforms: Big size hoardings, billboards and posters are often placed at platforms with high footfall. Even the entry and exit gates of train stations are the sights of high footfall and attract maximum audience attention.
  • The Indian Railway network is growing and getting modernized. According to the reports the Indian Railway Market will soon be the third largest market and will account for 10% of the global market. The steady growth foretells that the future of Indian Railways is bigger and better. Railway advertising is too getting momentum as the improved railway services calls for more passenger traffic. For best rates of railway advertising in major cities of India contact MYHORADINGS, the finest outdoor advertising agency. The company offers advertising sites all over India.

Advertising Options of Indian Railway Stations

S. No.Ad Options on StationsCategory
1Hoardings Outdoor
4Audio AnnouncementsAudio/Video
5Train WrapTransit
6Ads inside TrainsTransit