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Mumbai Metro Train Advertising: Transit media for mass appeal.

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Mumbai Metro Train Advertising

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) popularly known as Mumbai metro is owned and operated by MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region development Authority). Even after having a full-fledge local train system, the traffic on Mumbai roads couldn’t be decongested owing to rising number of vehicles. Here is when the need for more systematic and organized train system was felt and metro train came into existence. Thriving wonderfully in other metro cities of India, metro train made its debut in 2014. It has certainly made life easier for local commuters and residents by easing out the road traffic, noise pollution and air pollution by making the local travel safe, comfortable and affordable.

More about Mumbai Metro Network

  • Operational since 8th June, 2014.
  • The fully operational 3 metro lines include, Line 1, Line 2A and Line7.
  • Total number of metro stations, 31.
  • The daily ridership of Mumbai Metro is 25 lakh.
  • It covers a stretch of 35 kilometers.

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Advertising opportunities in Mumbai Metro

As Mumbai metro is working relentlessly for offering local commuters a fast, comfortable and affordable daily ride, it also opens numerous advertising opportunities for brands and services. The metro train infrastructure both from the interior and exterior sides, makes up for ample advertising space that can be utilized effectively to communicate brand message.

What brands gain from advertising in Mumbai metro trains?

  1. Brands can expand their reach through metro train advertising, as it covers all areas in the city with highest footfall like markets, educational institutions, commercial areas, airport terminals etc.
  2. A product’s visibility enhances when the ad is displayed on metro train as ridership of train comprises extensively of people with different backgrounds, buying behavior and financial stability. The products reaches to one and all through advertising.
  3. Pitching the ad in a receptive ambient doubles up the chances of converting potential consumers into product buyers. The air-conditioned metro cabins and comfortable seating, offers the commuters a space to relax and unwind while heading back to home from work. The relaxed consumers, appreciates and receives the ad message appropriately than otherwise.


Types of advertising on Mumbai metro trains

  • Interior Train Branding

Interior train branding is applied to the ad spaces inside the metro train. This includes, interior panels of the train such as carriage, handle bars, draught screens, seat panels, side walls etc.

For Mumbai Metro Brands can utilize:


Line 1: 144 Handle Bars

16 Wall Wraps

28 seat Panels

24 Panel Strips

40 Side Wall Wraps


Line 2A and 7: 88 Train stickers

48 Top Sticker Panel

84 Draught Screens

20 Carriage stickers

312 Handle bars

  • Exterior Train Branding

Exterior train branding covers the train in advertising material from the outer side. Usually a massive ad sticker is pasted on the outside of the train coaches.

For Mumbai Metro brands can utilize:

Line 1: 4 Coach Trains

Line 2A and 7: 6 Coach Trains.

  • Full Train Branding

Full Mumbai metro train branding includes ad spaces available both on exterior and interior side of the train.

For Mumbai Metro Brands can utilize:

Line 1: Covers 5000sq.Ft. Area

Line 2A and 7: Covers 7700 Sq. area.

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What is the cost of advertising on Mumbai metro?

When a brand hires an advertising agency for Mumbai metro Train branding, the advertising agency decides the cost of the train advertising on the basis of parameters like:

  1. Type of ad: Interior, exterior or full branding.
  2. Size of Ad
  3. Duration of the display of ad
  4. Number of train coaches utilized for branding.

Mumbai metro train is major travel facility especially for daily riders such as working professional and students. Other than commuters, the metro train staff also forms the audience of brand and services that aim at communicating with the masses instead of a particular section of audience. Therefore, the capacity of Mumbai metro train to expand reach, maximize visibility and to entice mass audience is much more than any ordinary transit medium.

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