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Say it loud and clear with Outdoor Hoardings in Ahmedabad!

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OOH Billboards can help your brand grow in Gujarat !!

They say if you wish to reap maximum benefits from advertising than communicating at the right time, to the right audience and through the right channel is of utmost importance. Similarly, if a brand’s goal is to reach mass audience and attain maximum visibility through outdoor advertising media, then placing the advertisement at the right place and in the right city is very crucial. For instance, if a brand aims at expanding its reach in western India, then putting up outdoor media such as hoarding, banners, billboards and digital screens in prime cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Surat and other popular cities of the western India is very important.

If we talk about Ahmedabad, it is the largest and most popular city of Gujarat. With 88% literate population, this city offers lucrative advertising opportunities. A city with majority of working professionals makes up a conducive environment for outdoor advertising. The advertiser can play with variety of outdoor advertising formats such as hoarding, billboards, bus advertising, LED screen display etc. to grab the attention of a well informed audience who is looking for products and services that would make their life easier.

For pitching the brand message through outdoor hoarding in Ahmedabad, one should be aware of prime locations that would grab the maximum attention of the target audience.  Listed below are prime locations of Ahmedabad where big size outdoor hoardings can be deployed to expand one’s reach and visibility. These locations observe a high vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

  • Ahmedabad Town Hall Circle, Ashram Road
  • Ahmedabad Panjarapole circle.
  • Ahmedabad University road
  • Ahmedabad Mansi Circle
  • Ahmedabad CG Road, Swastik Circle
  • Helmet Circle
  • Tax Plaza
  • Ahmedabad Express Highway, opposite toll tax
  • Ahmedabad Railway station.

All these locations and more, give ample space for outdoor advertising. Brands can implement various ooh advertising formats such as:

  • Flex hoardings
  • LED Displays
  • Backlit hoardings
  • 360 degree digital rotating LED screens