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Railtel invites e-bidders from across the country to establish RDN

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Railtel invites e-bidders from across the country to establish RDN

In a recently published tender, Railtel has invited e-bidders from all over the country. The bidders are requested to submit their best bids by May 4, 2020. Through this, Railtel aims to rejuvenate the RDN (Railway Display Network) for two railway divisions. The two divisions mentioned are the North and East Railway Division and the South and West Railway Division.

Railtel is the official organization of the Indian Railways responsible for the upkeep of RDN throughout the country. The organization published the tender on March 24, 2020, and has kept a pre-bidding session on April 1, 2020. The pre-bidding session will, however, be conducted online because of the current state of lockdown in the country. Railtel has also decided to keep all the meetings with the bidders online.

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The proposal of the tender is to construct, operate and then maintain the RDN in these two aforesaid regions. The Indian Railways aims to manage centrally the RDN of over 2000 railway stations which will be looked after by Railtel. Therefore, through the expansion of RDN, the Indian Railways will revolutionize the way Indians access and process information.

After the completion of the project, the RDN will help in spreading awareness, displaying emergency messages, and in giving relevant information to the passengers. The tender fees for the proposal is 10000 INR per region (inclusive of GST). Whereas the estimated money deposit amount is 1 crore INR per region. Railtel will provide network, internet bandwidth, and DC-DR features on a chargeable basis in the sustenance and innovation of the RDN to generate more value out of it. The refurbishing of the RDN is a constructive step forward to be up-to-date with the booming railway advertising sector and media consumption in India.