Real time advertisement:Is India ready ?

Often, my friends in Outdoor Advertisement and media industry used to ask me about “Possible role of Technology” to bring truly “Real Time” in this growing industry.My answer to all those friends is big “YES” .

Yes, it’s going to come and change the ways “Advertisement Industry” used to function all these years.But telling exactly the period when this wave will arrive in India,is bit uncertain.

MyHoardings research in below fields of Outdoor Advertisement is prompting to fasten the evolve process mentioned above –

Outdoor Hoardings

Magazines Advertisement

TV/FM Marketing

Digital Advertising

Eg. While researching about more targeted prediction in prices of outdoor hoardings in India , taking in consideration the Time of Campaign , Place and population density to be impacted , there is a strong requirement to provide “Futures Market” concept in  Outdoor Advertising,Billboard,Hoardings,Signages etc. to maximize the ROI prediction .

Till date most fields except outdoor advertisement have adopted the use of Real time business Intelligence to increase smart decisions.In certain industries, like travel,entertainment,banks it’s almost impossible to compete without using Real time transactions.

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