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RWA Gate Branding in Delhi

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RWA Gate Branding in Delhi

We are now living in the age of innovation and telecommunications. Therefore, it is inevitable that advertising too will take a sharp turn for the good. Apart from the age-old advertising techniques, advertisers, today have taken to newer and quirkier forms of advertising to generate brand impressions. Among the newer forms of OOH advertising, Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Gate Branding is one such. In this kind of advertising, advertisers use the gate of society settlements for branding.

Usually, the advertisers pay the RWA in building their fences and gates. In exchange, the RWA gives the advertisers permission to advertise on the gates. Thus RWA Gate branding is a win-win deal for both the residents and the advertisers. This is the reason why RWA Gate branding is getting increasingly popular in Delhi.

Benefits of RWA Gate Branding in Delhi NCR:

There are several advantages of RWA Gate Branding in Delhi NCR. They can be elucidated as:

  • Great opportunity of geo-targeting: RWA Gate Branding is a fail-proof method to target the audience of a specific locality. Besides the residents of society, the civilians of the locality will also be exposed to the advertisement. This considerably increases the influence of the brand and hence, the conversion rate of the audience. Besides this, because of the height of the residential society gates, it attracts the attention of most of the onlookers as well. Thus, RWA Gate advertisements give you the advantage of placements of your brand ads at vantage points in the city.
  • Ready cooperation of the RWAs: As the advertisers promise financial aids and construction of gates and fences to the RWAs, generally, they agree readily to the proposition. This means that the process of installation of the advertisement is smoother than the other variants. Thus RWA Gate branding is advantageous to both parties.
  • Sizeable outreach opportunities to reach out to target audiences: It can be safely assumed that in a residential society, people from similar economic backgrounds live. This gives you ample scope to indulge in branding and outreach to specific demographics of people. Therefore, RWA Gate branding serves the opportunity of exclusionary outreach of brands on a platter.

So, if you are looking to spread the message of the brand in Delhi NCR, RWA Gate branding is a significant instrument. Not only does it further the urban outreach of the brand but also consolidates the brand’s position in the competitive consumer market of Delhi.

Cost of RWA Society Gate Ads / Lift Advertising / Kiosk Ads in India –

RWA Advertising Mode

Campaign Duration


Society Gate

6 Months

₹ 40,000

Lift Advertising

1 Month

₹ 1,400

Kiosk Setup

1 Day

₹ 3,000