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Top 5 Gaming apps and websites best for advertising in India.

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App Ads, Programmatic Media Buying, Game Branding, Top 5 Gaming apps and websites best for advertising in India.
  1. Cricbuzz

Extremely popular gaming website as well as app, that caters exclusively to cricket lovers. This India cricket app offers news, live updates, cricket match coverage, text commentary, team rankings, player statistics and much more. Both app and website offer smooth cricket viewing experience for the cricket lovers.

Benefits of advertising on Cricbuzz app.

  • It has more than 50 million users worldwide.
  • The app has over 100million downloads.
  • Both website and app offers advertising formats such as banners, video ads, roadblock ads etc.
  • A popular ‘go-to’ app for cricket lovers.
  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a popular entertainment app but it is also extremely popular sports app as it is the only app that streams live IPL matches. Indian Premier League is held twice a year and is considered as the biggest sporting event in India. IPL brings attractive advertising opportunity for brands to maximize their reach and visibility.

Benefits of advertising on Hotstar

  • Reaches to wider audience as the IPL format brings 8 cricket teams from 8 different cities to battle it out on the field. This team division leads to hyper local targeting. For instance the ad played during the Kolkata Knight Riders match can be played in Bengali language.
  • In 2020, 260million people watched IPL on Hotstar app and this number is sure to extend in 2021 IPL season.
  • An opportunity to grab the urban and young audience through Hotstar advertising in the form of video and banner ads.
  1. Sportskeeda 

Sportskeeda as the name suggests is one stop app for all the sports enthusiasts all over India. The app as well as website offers news, blog articles, commentary, coverage , videos and latest updates on various sports such as Football, WWE, Cricket, Tennis, NBA and much more. The app is also youngster’s favourite as it hosts video games like PUBG, Free Fire, GTA, Fortnite etc.

Benefits of advertising on Sportskeeda

  • It has monthly users of approximately 25million.
  • The website traffic and app download sore during major sporting events famous worldwide such as foot ball, wrestling and cricket.
  • Male dominated audience, therefore apt for brands that cater to men exclusively.
  • Advertising options include articles, banners, roadblock ads etc. 
  1. Ludo King

Ludo King is a household name, especially since pandemic. The Indian traditional game is now played all over the world through digital apps on mobile phones and desktops. Ludo King is highly popular for its user friendly interface, extended player options, game variables and offline playing mode.

Benefits of advertising on Ludo King

  • The game is available in 30 countries and in 14 languages, which extends its reach to wider audience.
  • Best suited for brands that aim to target wide age group of audience. Ludo King can be used by kids above 7years old to people of any age beyond that.
  • Media options available for advertising on Ludo Ling include video ads and banner ads. 
  1. Real Cricket

 It is a popular game that gives cricket lovers a chance to be in the shoes of players. The game lets players select the team, bat, field, track scores and play matches and win rewards. The app has high quality graphics and adaptive interface, which makes it highly popular among millennial audience.

Benefits of advertising on Real Cricket.

  • The app ensures repeat visits and high engagement due to quality graphics and different gaming modes.
  • Cricket lovers can easily be targeted through advertising on this app. The app has more than 10million downloads and approximately 50, 00 daily active users.
  • Advertising options available include banner ads and native ads.

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