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Top 5 In-App Advertising Companies

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In-app advertising has recently evolved as the most popular kind of digital advertising for small and medium-sized companies. Following the success story of in-app advertising for these brands, large companies too have joined the trend. The Indian digital market is buzzing with app developers working to include mobile ad inventory. These app brands and developers are capitalizing on the rising demand for in-app advertising in the advertising world.


Best 5 In-app advertising media companies:

As in-app advertising is evolving every day and includes several technicalities to tend to, hiring an in-app advertising company is a wise choice for an effective campaign. Mentioned below are five of the most experienced in-app advertising companies in the country.

  1. RevX: 

    Established in 2014, the company is a trustworthy choice of advertisers as the company swears by its commitment to growth. Through its innovative usage of technology like data science and artificial intelligence, its skilled team delivers a smooth ad viewing experience to the app users. Moreover, RevX will help you strategize efficient ad campaigns by combining app re-engagement, programmatic advertising, and performance alignment. This contributes in driving app revenue and business by engaging with real users with high retention. Thus, RevX equips brands and companies with growth to new levels. This in-app advertising company operates with 100% transparency for every impression.

  2. AdColony:

    AdColony was founded in 2011 by a group of developers and has now become one of the world’s largest mobile monetizing and advertising platforms. Created for mobile developers, the company clocks a user outreach of over 1.5 billion global users. In addition, AdColony is famous for its seamless ad viewing experiences with its exclusive offering of Instant-Play™ HD video, its Aurora™ HD Interactive video, and other playable technologies, its global standard advertising expertise, programmatic usage, and its expansive SDK presence in the most popular global apps.

  3. MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Pvt. Ltd.):

    An Indian ad agency, MyHoardings composes of passionate team members who came together to make advertising easy for brands. Providing all-out advertising solutions for all kinds of advertising across India, the company has also extended its services to digital advertising. Moreover, MyHoardings provides in-app advertising at comparable market rates with the promise of 100% transparency in its functions. In addition, this ad agency also helps brands by customizing their ad campaign according to their needs and budget. So, book premium in-app ad services at reasonable rates with MyHoardings.

  4. Smadex: 

    Smadex is an out-and-out technology company aimed to revolutionize the global programmatic landscape through its solutions. Engineering and data lead the operations of the company as they develop better ad tech solutions with each attempt. It uses its own technology for programmatic UA, machine learning, and 1st party data combination. The company has a history of working over a decade with apps and brands to help them with their expansion goals. Moreover, Smadex guarantees full transparency by partnering with only the best third-party platforms to offer innovative advertising solutions.

  5. Jampp:

    A programmatic advertising platform, Jampp was established in 2013. The most ambitious companies prefer Jampp as their advertising to drive their businesses digitally. So, the company makes use of machine learning, proprietary advertising techniques, and creative optimization to drive brand growth for customers. Additionally, the company was included in the Affle group in 2021 which is a leading consumer intelligence company in the world.

Top 5 Social Media Network in India

Social Media NameTraffic (Active Users)Category
Facebook2.7 BillionSocial Media
YouTube2 BillionVideo
Instagram1.16 BillionSocial Media
LinkedIn766 MillionProfessional
Twitter330 MillionSocial Media

FAQ’s for enhancing knowledge on mobile “In-App Advertising” –

Usually for the average banner ad format, a CPM of INR 60 – INR 100 is sufficient. Whereas average CPM for Interstitial ad format may start from INR 250. Also for Video ad formats CPM of INR 200 can be considered sufficient.

Interstitial digital advertising includes digital ads that are interactive and full-screen ads that may cover the partial/full interface of the host app or website. Usually, this kind of ad appears between content, so that they get placed at natural breaks or transition points like in between various activities/game levels in gaming apps.

Normally, Google charges 30% of the entire revenue made on a particular Android app and passes on the rest 70% to the mobile app developers.

In-app mobile ad rates may vary largely depending on different parameters including ad types, placement where the ad is run, existing revenue-sharing agreement in place, target audience, campaign goals, and revenue model, or sometimes just brand recall, etc. Various costing models include – CPM, which stands for Cost Per Mille, Cost per click (CPC) & CPA which stands for cost per action/cost per acquisition.

CPM / Cost Per Mille is the rate which the advertiser decides to pay per 1000 impressions of an ad campaign. Whereas, eCPM is the total earning of the publisher/1000 impressions. eCPM is a very useful parameter for publishers to optimize and evaluate their monetization model by monitoring advertisement revenue generated from the ad campaigns.

For mobile devices – 320*480 pixels (Most popular size) and 480*320 size interstitial ads perform quite well compared to other ad dimensions. However, for tablets – 1024*768 and 768*1024 size interstitial ads perform quite well.