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Auto Advertising in Chennai and its benefits compared to OOH Advertising.

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Transit advertising falls in the ambit of outdoor advertising but each advertising medium has its distinctive relevance and benefits when executed at a different location.

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and a famous city for its heritage culture and educational institutions. The city observes high footfall of tourists from all over the world. The city is well connected via different public transportation mediums such as metro train, local buses and auto-rickshaws. For short distances people prefer auto-rickshaws over other medium and therefore the brands can explore the potential of this medium to expand its reach and visibility in Chennai.

Auto-rickshaw advertising comes with numerous advertising benefits that can help a brand reach its advertising goal effectively:

  • Moving Billboard: The ultimate advantage of auto-rickshaw advertising is that they act as moving billboards. With static billboard advertising, the ads is immovable and only the people visiting the location of the billboard can see the ad but with auto advertising, the billboard is literally moving at different locations. The movement of the ad helps in extending the reach and visibility of the brand advertised in the automobile.
  • Eye-level communication: Static billboards and hoarding are usually mounted at a larger height so that it can be viewed by the audience from a long distance. But with auto advertising the audience can view and read the communication message easily as it is placed at the eye-level. The eye-level and close communication make them remember the ad more clearly than the ads on the billboards at a large height.
  • Extensive reach and visibility: Auto-rickshaw advertising helps your brand reach locations where other advertising media such as large-format hoarding and billboards are either not allowed or the ad-space is costly. Prime locations such as airports, railways stations, metro stations, central market area and malls have costly ad space. But with auto-advertising, one can use the same location at affordable rates. Thus pumping up the reach and visibility of the brand at much lesser price than the static hoardings. Moreover, the ad on automobiles can cover more than one location in one day then the static outdoor hoardings.
  • Multiple results: With auto-rickshaw advertising, the brands can achieve multiple goals at a time. Through auto ads, the brands can increase brand awareness, through frequency of the vehicles at a particular location, the ad can create strong brand image and trigger high brand recall as well as better brand reinforcement.
  • Multi-dimensional approach: Auto-rickshaw ads help in garnering attention of multiple audiences at once. The ad is viewed is by pedestrians as well as riders simultaneously.
  • Frequent riders: Auto-rickshaw rides are first choice of people who are daily commuters like office goers and school and college students. People choose auto-rickshaw over other public transport for short, comfortable and safe rides. Places like market area, college, schools, commercial areas and residential buildings have auto-rickshaw stands from where people can pick up auto rides easily. The frequency of the auto travelling back and forth to same place optimises the frequency of any displayed on the auto-rickshaw.

Out-of-home advertising plays with the ‘dwell-time’ of the audience on the roads. The ‘dwell time’ is the free time that the audience has when they are either travelling or waiting for the vehicle to arrive or walking on the road to reach their destination. This dwell time can be effectively utilised to communicate a brand’s message through various out-of -home advertising tools. One of the most cost-effective ways of outdoor advertising is auto-rickshaw advertising.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising rates in India

Auto Rickshaw Advertising rates in India

City Name Media OptionsRates (Starting) / Auto
DelhiAuto Back Panel, Auto HoodINR 480
MumbaiAuto Back PanelINR 200
BangaloreAuto Back Panel, Auto HoodINR 550
ChennaiAuto Back PanelINR 230
HyderabadAuto Back Panel, Auto HoodINR 650

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