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Benefits of Outdoor advertising services in Madhya Pradesh

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A business runs successfully when its products/services are advertised appropriately. The challenges faced in the process lead to the innovation of new ideas to promote the products/services.  One such advertising technique is outdoor advertising.  Outdoor advertising is also popular by the terms outdoor media, out of home (OOH) advertising, and OOH media.  

What are the mediums used for outdoor advertising?

Creativity has no boundaries in promoting the products/services.  But on a common front, the billboards, posters, street furniture, transit can be considered mediums of outdoor advertising. Billboards are nothing but huge display boards placed in an area where people gathering is more.  Even though the traditional concept of billboards is changed to digital display boards or digital billboards, the usage remains the same. Even today, in some states, the traditional billboards are found placed on the roadside locations. Street furniture relates to the usage of structures for advertising.  Some examples of street furniture advertising are telephone booths, bus shelters, malls kiosks, etc.  Transit advertising involves advertising on buses, metro train, etc. Advertisements are designed and printed on good-quality paper or other related material.  These can be termed posters.  These posters are pasted in areas where the other mediums of outdoor advertising are not possible. The choice of outdoor advertising depends on the benefits enjoyed.

What are the benefits of outdoor advertising in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh is popular for its historic importance and beautiful landmarks. It is located in the central India. Being the main source of tourist attraction, it attracts many people from all parts of the nation. Many renowned temples along with national parks are found in the state. Outdoor advertising in such a state with historic importance will enhance the product/services popularity.  Some of the benefits of outdoor advertising in Madhya Pradesh are as follows:-

  • Brand popularity:  The brand popularity can be enhanced by using the appropriate outdoor advertising mediums.  The placement of the advertisements related to the brand should be planned properly.  A choice of medium for placing the advertisement will make or break the brand image. So the combination of an ideal location and a good medium will do wonders.
  • Acceptance:  Since the world has become small due to the introduction of the internet, the spread of information has become fast. But sometimes, people accept an advertisement that provides a clear message in a local language. Outdoor advertising gives the option of using the desired language to promote the products/services. For instance, the politicians use the billboards/posters  to advertise their party and the contesting candidates.
  • Customizing:  The main criteria of advertising is to create awareness of the brand and its products/services along with retention of customer interest in the brand.  To retain the customer interest, a continuous effort of changing the advertisements is necessary.  Outdoor advertising provides the facility of customizing the advertisement according to the need of the hour.
  • Exposure:  As the outdoor advertising mediums are placed in the locations where the float of the people is more, there is a chance of an increase in the sales of the products/services.  In some case, the number of potential customers also rise.

Conclusion: Advertising of products/services to earn a good revenue is a must.  But things have to be done at the right place and time to achieve good results.

Cost of Outdoor Advertising In India

Mode of AdvertisingSize (In Sq. Feet)Rates ( Start from)
Hoardings12x8₹ 10,000
Unipoles10x10₹ 5,000
Skywalk12x8₹ 40,000
Bus Shelter12x8₹ 1,20,000
Metro Pillar12x8₹ 18,000
Digital OOH10x10₹ 30,000

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