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Interesting advertising options for Airline advertising in India

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Airline advertising is highly popular in metro cities. The fact that the airports are centered in chief cities of the country that attract both local and global travelers makes them a lucrative airport advertising site.

Some interesting advertising options that brands can try to gain maximum reach and visibility include:

  • Overhead luggage space advertising: The ad sticker is pasted, covering the over-head storage space of the flyers. This ad gets enough attention from the flyers while finding their seat as well as while keeping their cabin luggage.

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  • Head rest cover: Placed on the head rest in the form of a soft cloth or head towel, the head rest talks to the flyer one on one as it is placed right before the eyes. Crisp and short ad calls get complete attention during the flyer’s journey.


  • In-Flight product sampling: The best form of letting the target audience feel, experience and take the product along with them is through free product sampling during the journey. As the product sample is free, small and easy to carry, the passengers never shy to try them to during their travel.


  • In-flight magazine and newspaper ads: To kill the time flyers often pick up magazines or newspapers. This is an opportunity for brand to interact with their audience directly. The brands can either opt for newspaper-sticker ads or in-flight magazine ads.

  • Led screen ads: To escape boredom passengers engage in watching movies or listening to music through LED panels placed on the back side of every passenger’s seat. The brands can display their ads on these screens in various formats such as audio ads, video ads, static ad banners etc.