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Digital Advertising trends: Significance in respect of small business

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Digital Advertising Trends: Significance in respect of the small business

21st century has seen a huge advancement in the digital world. Advertising through digital platforms is the thing that is trending in the advertising world. This is indeed very important for Small business. Let’s see how:

  • Mobile

  • The percentage of people not using mobile would be very less compared to the ones who use it nowadays. Almost every other person has this small magical device in the hands. Advertising through the mobile is one of the largest forms of media to reach out to the maximum number of customers.
  • Native

  • Spending on native advertising reached around $7.9 billion in 2016 as per the Business Insider reports. If it’s done well, it is excellently integrated into the regular content of the program.

  • Video

  • Videos are the next big thing in terms of ooh advertising. Whatever social media you log into, there are innumerable videos which provide the ads of something or the other.
  • Interactive Content

    – If the content is interactive, the audience are switched from a passive role to an active role, getting more of their focus and concentration on the content. This helps them to understand and indulge in the message that is being tried to portray through the interactive content advertising.


  • Personalized Content

  • With huge number of ads everywhere, it’s difficult for the audience to relate to something that they can easily relate to otherwise. Hence, to give them a better experience and in turn get a better output, the advertisements contents are personalized. Specific types of ads for specific kinds of people.
  • Influencers

  • It’s like the word of mouth advertisement. With right influence, trust can be built and thus more number of followers.
  • Chatbots

  • These allow real time 24/7 engagement program with the audience. Whatever query needs to be resolved spontaneously are taken care by these.
  • Live Video

  • The concept of vlogs works excellent. It visually and emotionally reaches the viewers in no time.

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