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Metro Train branding in Mumbai

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Metro train branding in India,Mumbai train branding

Metro Train branding in Mumbai

Metro trains were introduced in Mumbai for reducing the traffic congestion on roads and in local Mumbai trains. From the launch of Mumbai Metro Train in April 2014, the train has been a bankable infrastructural support for daily commuters. From office goers to local travelers, metro trains are considered as cheap, comfortable and fast means of transportation.  Mumbai metro trains are also one of the best mediums of advertising. The brands can make the best use of travel time to interact with the travelers and pitch their product or service.

Mumbai metro train branding options:

  • Train wraps: Brands can indulge into full fledged ads on the trains. The ads run across the length and breadth of the train as vinyl wraps or flex wraps. The wraps can be placed inside the train or on the exterior of the train.
  • Inside metro train: The ads can be placed inside the panels of the metro train, on side walls, seat panels and handle bars.
  • Digital ads: A short duration commercial can also be played on the screens that are mounted inside the train.

Metro Train branding in Mumbai is highly beneficial as it reaps results such as:

  • Higher brand recall
  • Fosters brand image
  • Influence purchase decision
  • Spreads word of mouth for the brand
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Enhanced brand value

Mumbai metro train branding can uplift the brand position in various dimensions if the ad copy is attractive, short, crisp and informative.

Metro Train advertising in India

City NameMedia OptionsMedia Category
DelhiCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
MumbaiCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
KolkataCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
KochiCoach Wrap , Ad panelsTransit
ChennaiCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
HyderabadCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
BangaloreCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
GurugramCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit
JaipurCoach Wrap , Ad panelsTransit
LucknowCoach Wrap , Handlebars, Ad panelsTransit