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Give your target audience company while they travel through NMMT buses!

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NMMT Bus branding in Mumbai, Bus Internal branding

Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport Corporation is the lifeline of Mumbai city. The daily commuters rely heavily on the NMMT bus system for reaching their destinations such as schools, offices and colleges on time. NMMTC operates 475 buses that cover 77 routes. These routes cover parts of the city that fall under Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area and also cover routes that do not fall under NMMTC area. This way they make the daily travel easy and hassle free for major population of the city.

The advertisers and brands can make use of this widely spread bus service to maximize their reach and visibility. NMMT buses cover major areas of the city like:

  • Bandra
  • World Trade Centre
  • Borivali
  • Thane
  • Andheri
  • Kalyan
  • Mantralaya
  • Uran
  • Karanjade
  • Mulund
  • Badalapur
  • Panvel
  • Kaproli
  • Khargar Kalambloi
  • Ulve Node

The minimum area covered by any bus on these routes is of 3Km and maximum of 62kms. NMMTC buses carry approximately 3lakh daily passengers on daily basis. The footfall and frequency of the buses help any advertising campaign to garner maximum m audience attention. Daily commuters such as office goers, college students and bus staff get exposed to bus advertising the most. Therefore, if your target audience are the daily bus travellers and localities than advertising through NMT buses is the best media option.

Advertising Options on NMMT buses –

NMMTC buses offer ample space to advertise. The buses that run under NMMTC includes Volvo buses, Low floor buses, mini buses, regular buses, star buses,  Ac and Non-AC buses. These buses give advertising opportunities such as:

  • Side panel advertising: The advertisers can make use of side panels both inside and outside the buses, to attract both the commuters as well as on-lookers. The side panels of the buses can be covered through advertising stickers and posters.
  • Back Seat: The space on the back of every seat can also be utilised to put-up advertising stickers, so that the travellers can see and read the advertising copy clearly. This advertising space is unavoidable as the back seat stickers are at eye-level and therefore the seated passengers cannot avoid them.
  • Bus back: Other advertising space to utilise on buses is the bus back. The buses have huge empty bus back that can be utilised for effective advertising. The external bus advertising works for the passengers outside the buses. Be it at the bus stop, traffic jams or toll tax stations the bus back advertising attract the attention of the audience that is either walking on the road or are travelling through other vehicle behind the bus.

Bus advertising benefits:

If you are wondering whether transit advertising worth spending for then here are list of benefits that make bus advertising relevant even in digital age:

  • Generate awareness: Bus advertising interacts to the passengers directly thereby generating awareness about the brands or product effortlessly. Only one brand or product is allowed to advertise on the NMMT buses for a particular duration therefore, complete audience attention is gained by one brand at a time.
  • Unavoidable: The fact that the commuters have no escapism until their bus stop arrives, the advertising message is unavoidable. As long as the passenger is travelling via bus he is continuously exposed to advertising message and therefore the audience develops brand familiarity.
  • Maximum exposure: The travel time gets converted into brand interaction time on the move. Each passenger rides the bus for at-least 15minutes and during these 15 minutes the brands can convey their message effectively to the target audience.
  • Niche branding: As all NMMT buses run on a specific route designated to each bus, the brand can target specific set of audience through advertising on buses covering a specific area of the city. This ensures niche-targeting.
  • High brand recall: Daily commuters have a fixed travel time, therefore repeated exposure of the brand message ensures, high brand recall. The riders get exposed to the ads displayed inside the bus on daily basis which leads to brand familiarity and ensuring high conversion rate.

All these benefits make NMMT bus advertising the most budget friendly media option. Both internal and external bus branding make sure that the brand message reaches the target audience in an organic and non-forceful way.