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Taxi Top Advertising: The new age digital OOH advertising concept.

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Transit adverting has been a support system for outdoor advertising in boosting sales, generating leads and maximizing the reach and visibility. In the digital age where people are constantly glued to their mobile phones, it is hard to get their attention while they are on the roads travelling to their destinations. However, it is a fact that something new and out of the box idea, does attract attention no matter what. Taxi top advertising is trying to fetch the attention of the on-lookers as well as passengers, with its new and innovative way of combining outdoor advertising with digital technology.

Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India.

  • RoadSide Billboard

    DOOH Screens on Roadside


  • 02


    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

  • Lift Lobby DOOH Displays

    Lift Lobby DOOH Displays



How does Taxi- top DOOH advertising works?

Taxi-top advertising as the name suggests is advertising on the top of any taxi. This space above the car is installed with a digital screen which also bears a wireless connection. The internet-enabled screen displays advertisements in both image and video formats. The LED screen displays ads in high definition which attracts the attention of the target audience inevitably. The brands can make use of this screen in various ways to communicate with their target audience:

  • The brands can choose any time, location, and format to display ads over cabs.
  • As the screens are internet-enabled, the advertisers can change ad displays, switch campaigns and upload new content anytime instantly.
  • The high-resolution LED screens are completely waterproof and dustproof which ensures the durability of the screen as well as the longevity of the ad displayed.
  • The best thing about taxi-top advertising is that the advertisers have control over the duration of the ad, location where the ad will be displayed and the content that would be displayed in the selected area.
  • These digital billboards are suitable for both big as well as small business owners. As the advertisers have full control over the location and content displayed, the small business owners can opt for ‘hyper-local’ targeting while the big ones can choose to wide with full-city advertising.

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Benefits of Taxi-top advertising

  • The Taxi-top advertising is highly relatable in current times as booking rides, ride sharing and travelling short distance through cabs have become popular. The apps facilitate easy booking of comfortable taxis for both local routes as well as long distances. Thereby, making taxi travel a common thing.
  • Taxi top advertising is innovative, crisp and highly attractive. This helps in triggering high brand recall and inducing brand familiarity.
  • Both local and national audience can be targeted through taxi-top advertising by switching the displayed content when the taxi location changes.

The taxi-top advertising can work wonderfully for brands who wish to maximise their reach and visibility at minimal cost.  Booking ad-space in traditional media  such as print and TV as well as in mainstream digital media like websites and apps can be difficult and costly but this new age digital billboard, can convey the brand’s message effectively to your audience at reasonable cost.