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How to promote business on YouTube?

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YouTube is not just a video watching platform, it is an effective medium to promote business online!

We know YouTube as the widely preferred video hosting platform but what might come as a surprise to you is that it is also the second most used search engine across the world. The social media and marketing platform has over 1.9 billion subscribers. The platform has gained such humongous popularity owning to its easy to use interface, high quality video content and availability of watchable free content. For brands and services, YouTube makes up for a highly rewarding marketing platform. To get on with ‘How to promote business on YouTube?’ let’s talk about ‘Why to promote on YouTube?’ in the first place.

Why to promote on YouTube?

As we mentioned above that YouTube is considered as an effective marketing medium but what makes YouTube stand out from other popular social media websites is listed below:

  • YouTube is not a hybrid platform where you have written and watchable content existing at one platform. It is solely a video platform, where anything and everything is available in a video format. The video format has both audio and visual properties which makes it easy for audience to watch, learn and understand.
  • For brands, approaching the audience through video format is highly rewarding as through videos brands can demonstrate and instruct the target audience about their product and services.
  • YouTube act as a powerful promotional tool as one can post videos and persuade people to buy the product by showcasing the usability of the product in their lives. Also, one can share videos to as many people as they want by sending the link of the video.

 Banking on benefits of YouTube Promotion:

  • Brand Building: Be it a start-up brand or a highly established brand, all can benefit through YouTube. By creating relatable content in the form of short videos or full-length instructional and informative videos, the brands can amplify their reach and visibility among target audience.
  • Brand recognition: YouTube enables users to connect with their audience through online videos but the inevitable benefit the brand gets is the recognition offline as well. People watch video on the YouTube of a particular product they quickly recognize it over other brands when they see the same in the market.
  • Feedback and improvisation: The best apart about YouTube promotion is that it is a two-way channel where the content creator gets the feedback instantly. The ‘comments’, ‘like’ and ‘subscriber’ titles associated with any video, help the brand to gain an insight whether the product is being liked by the audience or they want any changes in the product or they have to improve anything in their product.
  • Customer Loyalty: The videos of a brand product instills a sense of credibility and loyalty among costumers. They believe that when a brand is showcasing a product on a public platform and claims it to be authentic, the video act as proof of what is promised and thus established loyalty with the target audience.

Moving on, let’s now discuss the tactics of YouTube promotion and the ways through which one can turn this platform into a successful business building opportunity.

Pacing up with YouTube Trends

  • YouTube trending section where all the popular and most viral videos from around the world are showcased. If you really want to make the best out of this platform than your goal must be to feature in the trending section. This section determines the success of any video.
  • Trending video accounts to a video that is interesting, likeable, and relatable and has a mass appeal.
  • To make a video that has the potential to get into the trending section must be short (10-15 seconds), must have quality content along with proper tags, descriptions etc.

YouTube Dynamic and Challenges!

We credit the user friendly interface of YouTube to empower people to create and upload video easily through the app. However, this advantage turns as a challenge as millions of users are creating and uploading the content, making it difficult to make any video stand out among the rest. If you want your video to get popular or reach the target audience, here are few tips that can help you:

  • The best way to drive traffic to your video is by getting the subject matter expert, celebrity, popular influencer or content creator on board. For instance if you are making a video on ‘women empowerment’, then roping in strong personality like ‘Kiran Bedi’ to feature in your video will boost the credibility of the video. Making it both interesting and popular.
  • Content formulation: Creating video is easy but formulating content that appeals the audience is difficult. It needs conscious decision related to subject of the video, video length, when to post and whom to target. If these details are kept in mind, an appealing and relatable video will the outcome. Moreover, you must have a goal that you wish to achieve from the YouTube videos you are making. The goals for creating and promoting a video can be anything from increasing sales, reaching new customers, aiming brand reinforcement, creating awareness about a subject etc. If the goal id well defined, the outcome is sure to be fruitful.

YouTube creators must work on minute details listed below:

  1. Video Length: The attention span of audience is very short and if you wish to grab that attention, you must create video of 10-15 seconds that can be featured in ‘YouTube Shorts’.
  2. Video Title: The title must be short, easy to understand and crisp. The title must provoke the audience to watch full video. If it is an instructional video ‘How To…’ title works best.
  3. Video Tags: Proper tags must be there to let the video reach maximum audience. For instance a make-up brand can use all the tags such as ‘quick-part look’, ‘make-up hacks’ etc. to get maximum views.
  4. Video Subtitles: To reach global audience, subtitles are very important. The availability of subtitles in different languages can reach global audience.
  5. Video embedding: Video embedding helps in promoting a video on third-party websites. The views that the video gets from the third-party websites determine real-video views. Video embedding leads to increased subscribers, likes, views and shares.
  6. Video Collaboration and announcement: To make the video more accessible, collaborate with other popular YouTube creators, bloggers and influencers. This will amplify the views of the video. To make it more loud, use social media channels to announce a new video. Run a pre-roll to excite the audience during the beginning, middle or end of other YouTube videos.

What not do while promoting through YouTube?

  1. Do not bring on board creators, bloggers or influencers serving the same subjects or topics as you are. This will increase competition in an already competitive environment.
  2. Embed videos, make announcements and publish on social media pages, channels, apps that have potential audience and not some unrecognized channel.
  3. Do not lie or disseminate wrong information or hateful content as this might lead to the ban on your YouTube channel or video.

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