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India’s TOP 5 Media Buying Agencies

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Top 5 media buying agency

As the advertising industry in India keeps growing, media buying agencies have also been flocking up throughout the country. These TOP 5 Media Buying Agency help people out in selecting the appropriate media options for their branding needs. Since there are quite a lot of options nowadays, listed below are the best advertising agencies in India.

1. Bidsopt: Bidsopt is an international media buying agency that is based in Singapore. In India, the company has its branches in Chennai and Bengaluru. The company started its journey in 2014 in India and currently has 58 employees. Bidsopt specializes in mobile app marketing, planning and designing brand campaigns, and advertising. Thus if you want to opt for the counseling of an internationally-famed media buying agency, trust on Bidsopt.

2. Power: A company originally hailing from Lexington, Power has its second base in India. Power is now 395 employees large and has its origin in 1976. The company offers a range of advertising services like advertising, media buying and planning, planning brand campaigns, and graphics design. They also provide digital ad services. Thus if you wish to build a broad consumer base, Power would surely help you in achieving so.

3. Betasaurus: If you wish to fully invest in a digital media campaign, Betasaurus is the media buying agency to opt for. The company is relatively new and just has 4 employees to provide assistance in digital marketing. Betasaurus is thus especially helpful to the small and mid-market clients who wish to grow their businesses. Their client base is mostly from e-commerce, marketing and advertising, and consumer products and services sectors. The list of their services includes advertising, web design and development, branding, and SEO.

4. MyHoardings (Jugnoo Media Pvt. Ltd.): MyHoardings provides result-oriented media buying solutions. Whether you wish to advertise to a wide audience or to a specific demographic, MyHoardings has all the right media options for you. The company is known to deliver extremely satisfying media coverage at the most reasonable rates. The inception of the company was in 2016 that has gradually grown to provide pan-India media services.

5. Adworth Media Pvt. Ltd.: Located in the national capital of India, Aldworth was incepted in 2013. The advertising agency specializes in planning, media buying, advertising, digital marketing, and social media marketing solutions. Their branding solutions not only does generate leads but also provide a thorough awareness spreading. Thus brand visibility and recognition get especially easy with Aldworth Media Pvt. Ltd. The company is known to design media buying campaigns keeping in mind the core values of the brands.