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Kick Start Your Advertising Campaign With Mumbai Bus Advertising

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Mumbai Bus Advertising, Branding on Mumbai's BEST buses. Rates of advertising on AC and Non-AC buses in Mumbai. OOH Ads in Mumbai

Advertising on BEST buses in Mumbai !!

To create a buzz around mass audience about a product or a service, it is important to showcase yourself through a medium that has wide reach and visibility. Bus advertising serves the same; it lets the brand message reach audience spread across different areas of the city but is connected via one public transport service that is bus.

In a crowded and fast paced city like, Mumbai, bus advertising plays a vital role in reaching brand advertising goals such as:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Reach
  • Brand Visibility

Government run buses in Mumbai:

  • BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport)
  • NMMT (Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport)
  • KDMT(Kalyan – Dombivli Municipal Transport)
  • TMT( Thane Municipal Transport)
  • MBMT (Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Transport)
  • VVMT (Vasai-Virar Municipal Transport)

What make advertising in Mumbai buses a hit formula for reaching the target audience?

  • Facilitates eye-level advertising which has greater impact than other forms of outdoor advertising options such as hoardings, billboards etc. which are above eye-level.
  • Brands can select an advertising format that fits their need the best. You can choose from exterior bus branding options such as side panel ads, back panel ads, roof top ads or interior bus branding options such as seat back ads, bus grab handle, sample distribution, pamphlet distribution and live demo.
  • Bus advertising let’s you cover a wide distance repeatedly in a single day, exposing the brand message to different set of audience with every single bus round.
  • Gives ad exposure to pedestrians, bus drivers and bus riders.

How can we reach segmented audience through bus advertising in Mumbai?

Although buses are considered as advertising tools to reach the masses but with careful planning and execution, one can also reach two different set of audience through it.  To reach segmented audience you can either advertise in AC buses or Non-AC buses.

  • AC Buses audience profile: Employees, above average income, prioritize comfortable travel, educated and may or may not be a daily commuter.
  • Non-Ac Buses audience profile: Working class audience, average income, prioritize low bus fare cost over comfort, medium education level and mostly daily commuters.

Who can benefit from bus advertising in Mumbai?

  • Political Parties for aggressive party campaigns during elections.
  • New brands to create brand awareness.
  • Established brands to overcome competition.

Bus advertising gives repeat visibility of brand message to daily commuters. This helps in placing the brand on top of the mind when consumer is at the purchase stall.

Mumbai Bus Advertising, Branding on Mumbai's BEST buses. Rates of advertising on AC and Non-AC buses in Mumbai. OOH Ads in Mumbai