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Bus Advertising Services in Pune

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Bus advertising is one of the primary ways to boost your brand value. The benefit of transit advertising like bus advertising is that your brand travels with the mode of transit. So, the brand advertising will go to wherever the buses will go. Therefore, bus advertising brings into influence all the onlookers who happen to pass by the branded bus.

Bus advertising involves pasting ads on the outside and the inside of buses. These buses can be wrapped partially or fully with ads in the following ways:

  • Full Bus Wrapping,
  • Advertising on the Bus Back Panel,
  • Advertising on the Bus Side Panel; and
  • Branding on the Bus Windows.

These kinds of city bus advertisements are popular advertising media options all across India. And they have their advantage too. The expenditure of these bus wrap ads is much less when compared to other advertising services like TV, radio, etc. Besides, these ads influence the onlookers and all the passengers inside the bus. Because of these advantages, several advertisers often prefer bus advertising services over the other media services in cities.

Furthermore, bus advertising services also include advertising in bus shelters. In other words, bus shelter advertising is advertising on the bus stops. Through bus shelter advertising you can easily target the pedestrians and drivers by offering high frequency of ad visibility.

Why should you opt for bus advertising services in Pune?

Bus advertising promises great brand visibility to commuters. Therefore, an advertising campaign on the Pune city buses will greatly speak for your brand. As people avail bus services on a regular basis, they are bound to come under the influence of your brand. And since people spend a considerable amount of time in the commute, you can expect high impressions through bus advertising. As these buses ply in the busiest portions of the metropolitan cities, brands find exposure among commuters, onlookers, and drivers. In addition, courtesy traffic jams, people traveling by cars and other modes of transportation, also come under the influence of bus advertising. So, bus advertising is one of the most effectual forms of advertising in urban and semi-urban areas.

Besides banners and hoardings, bus stop advertising in Pune also includes periodic advertising through announcements. Since announcements at bus stands is a non-traditional way of advertising, it offers a clutter-free ad experience. Also, you can target a niche audience in a limited budget through bus stand advertising in Pune. So, include bus stop advertising to have a complete bus advertising campaign in Pune to spread brand awareness.

Since buses travel through residential, busy roads, and business areas every day, through bus advertisement, your brand can generate a high recall value. Moreover, bus branding in Pune also helps in a focused and targeted approach. As it is cost-effective, bus branding can be ideal for launching a brand. Besides, it can also be a short and long-term advertising solution for delivering a quick look into your brand. Since bus advertisements come in different shapes and formats, you could include information about your brand accordingly.