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Are you missing OOH Advertising Tenders??

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Are you in Outdoor advertisement industry and really missing OOH advertising tenders?? Are you serious ?

Business in the form of, applying for outdoor advertising tenders and the best will get the deal, is being one of the most practiced forms in Outdoor Advertising through hoardings in India. So, till date if you’re ignoring this form of Lead generation, wake up from slumber and gear for increased business opportunities.

We at MyHoardings , provide complete information regarding OOH industry related tenders and end-to-end facilitation services at your doorstep. We provide below mentioned services-

  • Tender information (State wise and PAN India, based on your requirements)
  • Company eligibility test for particular company (Only those tenders will be forwarded to you which are relevant)
  • Complete help in applying for the tender and related formalities around.
  • Track proper execution of outdoor advertising campaign as per rules and regulations


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