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Online Platforms to promote educational games in India.

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Education-based on fun learning experience leads to better understanding. Learning while playing promotes strategic thinking enhances memory skills, better hand-eye coordination, and much more. Although, educational games have always been a part of the traditional education system but it was mainly through physical activities. Since we are in the era of digitization, online educational games are now the most sought-after means of teaching children of all age groups through different games.

There are numerous gaming software developers that are coming up with innovative educational games every day. Therefore, it is difficult to shine out of the lot when there are so many already on the shelf. However, the easiest way to get to your desired audience is by choosing the right kind of platform to promote any educational game online.

To get noticed by your target market, here is two-step way that you may follow:

Step 1: Segment the age group

To promote educational games that cater to kids in the age group of 3+, target the parents first as young kids do not have the access to the online platforms directly. To promote educational games for kids under the age group of 3-13 years of age, one can choose from platforms like:

  • Google Search
  • Facebook ads
  • Hotstar Ads
  • Truecaller ads
  • Popular parenting websites
  • Quora

As online social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. only give access to people beyond the age of 13. ‘Parent targeting’ would be a viable option for promoting online educational games that cater to kids of 3+.

But for the children falling in the age group of 13+ can be directly targeted as they have the access to the social media platforms directly.  This group of audience can selectively pick for themselves the type of educational games they wish to download. The platform for promoting online educational games for this age group includes both offline and online advertising modes such as:

  • Google search results
  • Google display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Hotstar Ads
  • Educational platforms such as ‘Voot’, ‘BYJU’S’ etc.
  • Educational magazines
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Music and video apps such as ‘wynk’, ‘Ganna’, ‘Amazon Prime video’ etc.


Step 2: Make sure your online educational game targets the right age group.

In the haste of reaching wide audience, the advertisers might display ads on platforms that might not cater to their target audience. For instance, an educational game suited for 13+ is being promoted on a Facebook page that caters to 3+ kids. This might confuse the audience and in return evoke negative reviews for your online educational game.