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Painting the Mumbai streets with innovative OOH ideas!

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New OOH Advertising ideas keeping Mumbai streets attractive !!

OOH/ Out of Home advertising is an evergreen medium that captures the audience while they are out on the streets. The medium is old but its grip to catch audiences’ attention is still as fresh as new. Apart from being the most sought after medium to reach masses, the new trends in outdoor advertising like digitization, real time data monitoring, and internet based content manipulation etc have made this medium more powerful than ever.

Talking of metropolitan city like Mumbai, Outdoor advertising has its own role to play in reaching an audience that is saturated with conventional form of advertising such as Television commercials, radio ads and print ads.

Hoarding in Mumbai are not new, you will find them everywhere from busy roads to commercial areas to residential areas. The new is the trends that making OOH advertising more appealing and eye-catchy.

The latest OOH advertising trends painting the Mumbai streets include:

  • Hydraulic Mobile Displays: These are large hoardings mounted on mobile trucks or vans. These displays can be both static and digital and may include audio or video messages. These hydraulic displays move around the city at designated locations and for a limited time duration. To run these vans or trucks, the advertising agency has to take permissions from the government authorities like Municipal Corporation and Mumbai Traffic Police.


  • Digital Signage: Who can forget the ‘Times Square’ in New York City, even those who have not visited the place, remember it from the scenes from Bollywood movies. What makes Times Square so attractive is nothing but Digital Signage of all types glittering at one place. The same trend is coming to Mumbai where busy markets and roads are getting makeover through attractive digital displays.


  • Real-time monitoring and customization:¬†Be it digital screens, digital signage or digital hoardings, the fact the digital advertising can be customized and monitored on the basis of real-time data, makes it more measurable, cost-effective and money and time saving trend. The advertisers can use one screen to display variety of brand messages to segmented audience by choosing the time of displaying the ad. For a brand that has both restaurants and schools can play different ads at different time of the day to grab the attention of segmented audience by booking one major hoarding at prime location of Mumbai.

The digital trends in outdoor advertising are giving new heights to outdoor advertising making it more budget friendly, highly effective and appealing. The innovative OOH advertising ideas are making the Mumbai streets more colorful and attractive.

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