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Sri Sri Tattva rides on “Cab Branding” for OOH Ad Campaign in Jaipur

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Cab Branding takes OOH Ad Campaign for Sri Sri Tattva to next level !! Transit media like car advertising,bus advertising and Train Branding

Cab Branding takes OOH Ad Campaign for Sri Sri Tattva to next level !!

Sri Sri Tattva, a world renowned brand that offers Ayurvedic and Organic products recently launched a campaign featuring its range of herbal facewash on the roads of Jaipur. MyHoardings executed this campaign by cab branding for Sri Sri tattva. Cabs were wrapped with Vinyl that displayed the picture of the range of facewashes offered by Sri Sri tattva, infact the main focus was also kept at ensuring that the brand names gets good visibility.These cabs are not restricted for movement only in selected are , it was also ensured that a good area is being getting covered for maximum returns.

Cab Branding look good option when it comes to transit and ambient media especially when it comes to promoting a brand or a product. It helps to target larger audience and is engaging because of the vibrant colurs that are used with focused approach.

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