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What’s going on with traditional media advertising?

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Business is linked with risk and profits. The operating style of a business differs from the other.  But one point common in all of them is advertising. Advertising is the main tool used to communicate about related products and services. A business can run smoothly only when awareness about its products and services is created and advertising plays an important role here. Advertising is of two types- traditional media advertising and digital advertising.

What is traditional media advertising?

Traditional media advertising refers to advertising done without using online technology.  It can also be referred to as non-digital advertising.  Some of the methods used in this sort of advertising are:

  • Newspapers/Magazines: An ideal way of advertising is through printing the matter related to the product/service in newspapers/magazines. The market segment it covers is huge.  The printing cost is also nominal.
  • Billboards/ Banner ads: It is one technique of publicizing in outdoor locations.

What's going on with traditional media advertising?


  • Radio: Radio is the most common entertaining means of communication that every individual has irrespective of income group. Promotion of product/service through voice covers the potential market segment. Repeated promotions will have a good effect on the mind of the people.
  • TV: TV displays the visual presentation of the advertisement and creates a good impact on society.
  • Tele-calling: This refers to creating awareness by calling the user through his contact number and trying to explain the products/services. The task is tiresome when compared to new advertising techniques but creates a good impact on the user.
  • Door-to-door sales: This refers to sales staff visiting the customers personally and explain them the product/services. Twin benefits can be possessed by this technique- an increase in sales, revenue, and marketing of the product/service.

What is the need for change in advertising?

The traditional media advertising technique is good, but people demand change.  As the customer is the king, the marketing team tries to entertain their customer using new techniques of advertising. This new technique of advertising is the usage of digital technology in advertising. The idea of bringing change in promoting products is to achieve dual objectives – entertain the customer by creating unique advertisements and secondly capture the potential market segment.  Comparatively, digital advertising gives more benefits like economical, more scope for creativity than traditional media advertising. The time taken to create an advertisement using digital techniques is also less.

Effect of the change on traditional media advertising

As and when there is a change, it will affect prevailing advertising techniques. But concluding that people have stopped using traditional media advertising is completely wrong. Despite the popularity of advertisements on digital video screens, some people still like listening to the radio.  So traditional media advertising still exists and will remain so as long as people enjoy the old advertising media.

Non-Traditional Ads

Conclusion: Nothing is stable. Everything changes.  But one should never forget the original concept through which innovations cropped up.  The same applies to advertising also.  The popularity of advertisements mainly depends on the theme and creativity without losing focus on products or services related to the company.

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