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Radio and Television advertising

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Radio Advertising, TV advertising, TV Channel Ads, Radio Ad Agency in India

Radio and TV advertising in India

Radio and television are two types of electronic mediums of advertising. However, these mediums are completely different from each other in terms of approach and reach. Both the mediums aim at getting maximum audience attention but their ways of doing so are different. Let’s find out the differences between television and radio advertising keeping in mind the current scenario of digitization, internet, and other technological advancements.


· Audible medium only

· The brands need to be more descriptive and creative when advertising the brand through radio.

· Radio prime time is from 6am to 10 am and 3-7pm.

· Best suited for informative content ads such as government information, real estates, financial services, healthcare ads etc.

· Less expensive

· Has mass reach

· With digitization, radio channels have increased in number and also the quality of radio signals is very high than ever before.

· Radio catches the audience attention on the move, especially during office commuting hours, when they are either driving back to home or stuck in traffic jams.


· Audio and visual medium

· The audience can see the product and therefore the product image is clear in viewer’s mind.

· TV prime time is from 8pm to 11pm.

· Best suited for products that has visual appeal such as cosmetics, clothing, home furnishing etc.

· Expensive than other traditional advertising mediums.

· Has mass reach and visibility.

· With the launch of smart TV, the traditional TV is transformed into a device to stream content online and offline both.

· TV is viewed by people when they are at home. Often watched in leisure time which is mostly between 7-11pm.

Although, both radio and television has different approach towards the target audience but they both aim at gaining maximum audience attention. To make the most out of any advertising campaign one bring together both the mediums and use their advantages to communicate their brand message effectively.