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Usage of DOOH advertising is bound to increase in India & its benefits.

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Usage Of DOOH Advertising

mTechnology has changed the way companies market their products. Usage Of DOOH Advertising technology has not just moved marketing to the internet. It has also revolutionized outdoor advertising. OOH, or out-of-home advertisement is still a very big marketing tool for most brands. Their large size and constant presence can improve brand recall like no other publicity tool. 

What Is DOOH Advertising and Usage?

DOOH or digital out-of-home advertising is a method of using digital technology for showing ads in public places. This can be large billboards on the roadsides or small screens placed inside railway stations, trains, and other vehicles. The difference between traditional OOH and DOOH is that the message can be changed very quickly depending on a brand’s requirement. 

The way DOOH is sold by advertisers is also different. Companies can now get displays for short periods. If a company’s target audience is likely to be in a locality at a particular time of the day, it can purchase ad space for that period only. There is no need for firms to invest in spaces based on guesswork about where and when their target audience will be present. 

Why DOOH Advertising Is On The Rise?

OOH is still one of the most effective ways to advertise a product because there is no way consumers can turn it off. Unlike other marketing methods, customers have no control over what can be shown to them. People are forced to see these advertisements whether they want to or not. This gives the advantage of a product being repeatedly seen by the public. 

DOOH goes one step further allows companies to make advertisements more contextual. It is possible to change the messages very quickly depending on the weather, time of the day, or the type of customers in that area at a particular time. This has made out-of-home advertising more attractive. Experts believe that DOOH will grow at double the rate of OOH advertising. 

Advantages Of DOOH Advertising

Targeting is one of the biggest advantages of DOOH advertising. Though it may not be possible to be as accurate as online marketing, the use of various data allows companies to advertise when their target audience is most likely to see the ads. Programmatic DOOH allows brands to buy space only for those times when their ads will have the maximum effect. 

Another benefit of this type of marketing is that it is easy for companies to do mobile retargeting. Modern technology allows the creation of a geofence around a DOOH board that will give an alert when mobile devices pass within close range. This will allow companies to send personal messages to prospective customers. This can greatly improve sales of the particular brand. 

Summing Up

There is a steady decline in response to online displays. The overuse of internet marketing has led to the rise of software that allows customers to block ads. DOOH is the best alternative to reach customers using more innovative and engaging advertisements. The content in DOOH is dynamic and contextual. This increases the effectiveness of the ad and makes it more attractive to companies.