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Volume up sales and reach millions through advertising on JioSaavn App

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Advertisers keep exploring new ways to reach their target audience. Digital platforms such as mobile apps, websites, social media channels, etc, have made it easier to maximize a brand’s visibility. However, app advertising has been witnessing higher competition due to increased mobile usage over the years. Owing to the growing popularity of app advertising, every brand wishes to penetrate this segment and generate high benefits. One of the app that is widely popular is the ‘Saavan’ music app. The app lets you stream songs, podcasts and radio channels in different languages. The basic features of the app are available for free while to unlock features like ad-free streaming, better streaming quality and downloadable content, the user has to switch to paid services.

Why one should choose the JioSaavn app over other music apps for digital advertising?

Although there are many music-streaming apps available on various digital stores but advertising on the JioSaavn app is considered best for digital advertising for the following reasons:

App Features

  • With over a 104million monthly active users, it is the second-largest music-streaming app in India.
  • The app is rated as 4.5 stars out of 5 by users on app stores.
  • The app has the music database from the most popular labels in India such as Universal, T-series, YRF Music, Eros, Tips, Sraegam among other 900 labels.
  • The app is easily downloadable with an initial 30 day free trial and then offers a paid -membership for its users at very minimal rates.
  • The app offers content in English and Hindi, as well as regional languages such as Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Rajasthani and many more.

Advertising benefits on JioSaavn App.

  • The app has millions of daily active users that makes the brands to communicate with their audience when they are actively listening to the music.
  • Brads can choose from various ad formats such as video, ads, audio ads and display ads.
  • The app is the favourite of the GEN Z and millennials.
  • The availability of content in regional languages facilitates targeting of audience of wide ethnicity and background.
  • The app is equipped with data collection and tracking tools that guide the advertisers and brand about the app listeners, their music habits and routine.
  • The app also plays crowd-sourced music requests through Twitter via JioSaavn Twitter handle.
  • To amplify the digital ad campaigns and to deliver best ROI, the app has best in class validation and measurement partners.
  • The app also has a feature listed as ‘Saavan Social’ which enables listeners to like, share,tag, comment and play lists created by other users of the app. This enables real-time audience interaction.

The youngsters and adults in the age group of 20-45 form the core audience of the JioSaavn app. The apps ability to deliver content in different languages, curate songs of popular Indian and foreign artists and user friendly interface make it the most interactive music app in India. Any brand whose target audience falls in the same sage group can make use of India’s largest music-app to reach them effectively. The app takes care that any advertisers who uses the platform can reap maximum results by offering them tools and apps that support precise data collection, measurement and analysis.