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What are the facilities provided by Snapchat to Gen Z?

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The world is moving towards progress at a fast rate.  The speed at which innovations are replacing old versions is astonishing.  One such innovation is Snapchat. The facilities provided by Snapchat have bought a new revolution in the field of communication.   Generation Z is referred to the young aged people who are familiar with the usage of the internet from childhood. After a thorough analysis, Snapchat has understood the requirement of Gen Z. This article focuses on the effect of Snapchat on such Gen Z group.

What is a Snapchat?

Snapchat is an application suitable for smart mobile phones or android phones.   It is an application that facilitates the exchange of pictures and videos with the desired ones.   So, the messages and stories can be shared in the group using Snapchat.   The application is popular as it is used maximum by the youth below the age of 25 years.  The fancy fact about Snapchat is that the movement of the video or photo is viewed it disappears.  “Is it true?” The message cannot be deleted forever.  There is a solution for every query. As soon as the message comes, a screenshot can be taken or a third-party screen capture option can be used to capture the photo.  Strange but true, the screenshot taken from the phone will be notified to the person sending the message while a photo taken from third-party mobile, is not known to the sender.  Hence, complete deletion of the message after viewing is not possible.

Facilities provided by Snapchat to Gen Z

As the group Generation Z belongs to the age below 25 years, they prefer doing unique things.  Some of the facilities provided by Snapchat are mentioned below:

  • Identity: As a camera captures the originality that is surrounding us, even the Snapchat app tries to bring transparency in its works.  People taking photos using the Snapchat application enjoy it a lot as clicking photos gives them satisfaction.  In short, Gen Z has changed the path of photography towards originality.  One can explore himself/herself despite having pressure from the people who are surrounding him.  Many people are of the impression that being self is important and this gives them sufficient courage to face the challenges.
  • Communication: As the photos taken are original, a person can try to understand what the photo is trying to express.   Hence visual communication dominates oral communication in the case of Gen Z.  Snapchat encourages Gen Z  towards creativity and expressing power and also guides them to interact with others. 
  • Commerce: You might be surprised how can a camera platform be used in the commercial analysis.  Shopping is a common weakness found in almost all human beings irrespective of age.  But at times, some individuals won’t be interested in shopping or are busy with their commitments. In that case, they can get the shopping done by their friends or relatives. Friends or relatives can take snapshots or photos of the product and share them with the person buying the product.  Based on the likes of the buyer, the product can be purchased.  This is how a person can get the shopping experience even without stepping out of the house.  Many prefer using Augmented reality for shopping purposes.
  • Connections: Gen Z provides a facility to connect with the near and dear ones. As the connectivity is good, people communicating with each other feel happy.

Conclusion: Snapchat proves to be helpful.  It enhances lives and creates positivity in society.  This is a product specially for those people who believe in themselves and what to know their capacities. However, there is always a requirement for the adults to monitor their wards.

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