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Rural Advertising in India

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Rural marketing with Wall Painting | Rural Advertising in India

Rural Marketing in India could be a challenging process because of the regional and ethnic diversity. Since rural marketing aims to address the needs and wants of the rural areas in India, developing and promoting a rural marketing strategy could be demanding.

Rural marketing is known to carry out business activities that bridge the gap between rural areas and urban areas in the country. Rural marketing includes a series of activities but broadly speaking, these activities fall into two precise sections:
1. The sale of agriculture or rural products in the urban areas; and

2. The sale of urban developed products in rural areas.

As is evident, the ethics of rural marketing differs drastically from regular marketing. Hence, it is important to adopt a different set of advertising concepts, ethics, and processes for rural consumers.

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Rural Advertising Approach in India

Before one sets out to plan the marketing strategy of a brand in the rural areas, one needs to carry out detailed research. The research should include the following strategies:

  1. The demand for a product – The feasibility of a product depends on the consumption pattern and the need of the people. This is why, before a rural brand launch, the company should indulge in extensive surveys in the area. Generally, rural people wish to buy longer-lasting products at low costs.
  2. The price of a product – Usually, the rural people are more inclined towards lower prices. That is to say, they pay more heed to the price tag than the quality of a brand. Therefore, the manufacturer of a brand should be extra careful in managing the production costs of the brand. In this way, the brand will be more accessible to rural consumers. This approach helps in geo-targeting the consumer base of a brand.
  3. The brand awareness strategy – To spread maximum awareness among the target audience, a marketer should chalk out an intricate plan to promote the brand. The awareness strategy of a rural advertising campaign needs to be easy and direct to grasp. This approach would be simple enough for the brand to pursue and influence rural consumers. Since the literacy rate in rural India is not that high, marketing techniques like newspaper and magazine advertising could be a failure. The rural people are more inclined to the mediums of radio, television, and cinema to absorb information.
  4. The distribution of a product – Any marketing strategy might turn out to be a failure if the distribution of the products is not monitored properly. To ensure that the product reaches every corner of the rural areas, strategies such as selling the product in the local village fair, haats, and melas could be adopted. The other distribution policies can include the inauguration of retail outlets, regular interaction with the village consumers to know about the status of the products, monitoring company delivery vans delivering to the rural markets, etc.

One can take the help of a few age-old advertising strategies that have always clicked in the case of rural advertising. Rural people get more engaged with a brand with the incorporation of media buying for promotional purposes. One could take refuge to the following measure to increase brand visibility:

  1. Cultural shows like folk shows
  2. Village melas
  3. Regional newspaper
  4. Promotional activities in the concerned village school
  5. Puppet shows; and
  6. Involving the members of the village panchayat or the gram sabha.

FAQ’s for Rural Marketing in India

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