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Ahmedabad apartment lift lobbies: The best DOOH Displays sites

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For brands digitals age has been a boon as they can deliver their advertising message to their target consumers through various ways by means of digital channels like Mobile Ads, Smart TV ads, In-App ads, Digital displays ads and through other such digital devices. Targeting the audience through digital channels is so precise that the brands can control time, place and the segment of audience to which the ad must be showcased. One such digital device that makes it easier for brands to target their audience is the DOOH displays on the apartment lift lobbies.

Ahmedabad has some high-rise residential buildings at prime locations of the city. The apartments are located at such a place from where all major facilities like central market, school, malls, metro stations and other such services are easily accessible. These areas are already over-loaded with ads in various sizes and forms, so targeting the customer when he is stepping out of their home is what makes advertising at apartment lift lobbies in Ahmedabad the most beneficial advertising site. Lift lobbies of apartments in Ahmedabad are mostly huge, spacious and well lit. They make up for an apt site to put up digital displays that catch the attention of the passersby instantly.

Why choose apartment lift lobbies for branding?

Be it high-rise building or an ordinary four-floor apartment, lifts have become an obligatory facility. So, when a person steps out of the house, he heads toward the lift walking a few steps and then waits in lobby area for the lift to arrive. From stepping out to waiting and boarding the lift, the consumer is free of any distraction as his or her prime task it to board the lift. Now, the brands can convert the waiting time spent in the lift lobby area to the point of communication with the target customer by mounting DOOH displays to let the audience have a look at the brand message while waiting for the lift.

It is an engagement tactics that work both ways as on one hand the brands try to connect through ads on the DOOH displays in the lift lobby while one the other, the audience is killing the waiting time by getting engaged in the ad displayed.

What are the advantages of DOOH displays at Ahmedabad apartment lift lobbies?

  • The brands get a clutter free environment as lift lobby ads are booked for one brand for one time slot.
  • The Digital displays pump up the ambience of the lift lobby area which is otherwise boring.
  • The digital display connects to the right audience at the right time as they can be controlled remotely. For instance, during office hours, these displays can run ads related to banking and finance, health insurance, luxury brands etc., while when the school timing is over and children are returning home, these displays can run ads related to stationary, learning apps, games etc. Similarly, during evening hours these display can showcase ads related to FMCG products as that is the time when people usually head out for shopping.
  • The DOOH displays work both for expanding the reach and visibility of the brand.
  • They connect to the audience when they are in the receptive mood and hence, there are more chances that the prospective consumer- read, responds and become loyal to a brand.
  • Lift lobby ads fill the waiting time and act as a constructive means of communication which in turn leads to high audience response towards the brand message.

Which brands are most suited for lift lobby ads in Ahmedabad apartments?

Any brand that has family, working professional and children as their prime consumers can utilize lift lobby DOOH displays to target their audience. Brands that can benefit significantly from lift lobby DOOH displays include:

  1. FMCG Brands
  2. Healthcare
  3. Banking and Financial
  4. Food Delivery Apps
  5. Shopping Apps
  6. Grocery apps
  7. Educational
  8. Travel
  9. Luxury Brands
  10. Government Announcements