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Bus Branding in Lucknow

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Bus Branding in Lucknow. Advertising on UPSRTC buses in UP. Bus Advertising,Bus Branding,UPSRTC Bus Advertising, Uttar Pradesh Bus Ads

Bus Branding in Lucknow

Lucknow was the administration center of the Nawabs during the 18th and the 19th century and is still the cultural and the musical hub of North India. The city is reminiscent of the glorious past and the heritage that is still the identity of the city and was the birthplace of India’s greatest poets and writers in the likes of Mirza Ghalib. Not only does the city operate as the capital city of the most populated state of Uttar Pradesh but also is the seat of a number of industries in the northern region of the country, such as, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, technology, design, etc.

Famous for its architectural marvels, Mughal cuisine and old age charm, Lucknow is one city that every travel enthusiast looks forward to explore. The city, though not known for any natural bounty, is an experience in itself.  Each winding alley and corner draws a true representation of its glorious past and has inter-weaved the stories of India’s independence struggle and more recently, its modernization under the influence of globalization, IT surge and the Lucknow Smart City proposal.

Bus Branding in Lucknow. Advertising on UPSRTC buses in UP. Bus Advertising,Bus Branding,UPSRTC Bus Advertising, Uttar Pradesh Bus Ads

Besides promising an ever increasing number of jobs in account of the industries and factories that the city houses, Lucknow is also known for its educational prowess. The city has a number of esteemed educational institutions and universities which are venerated by the students from all over the country.

Therefore, not only is Lucknow a much desired destination for the tourists and travelers all over the world but is also flocked by students and work professionals from all parts of the country in search of bigger and better academic and career opportunities. Thus for a city like Lucknow which is seeped in economic, cultural, industrial and educational importance, investing in a city wide advertising campaign for your brand should definitely feature in your activity list if you are planning to take your brand to the evolving cities of the country.

Taking to the roadways is the most effectual way of arresting maximum attention of the residents of a city especially of the inhabitants of a city in the likes of Lucknow which has frequent and well-connected bus services running throughout the entire length and breadth of the suburbs and the heart of the city along with the entire central region and a few northern parts of the country. The Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Inter-state Bus Terminal situated at Alambagh in Lucknow is the site of the maximum number of long route buses and local buses in addition to a number of crucial bus stands situated throughout the city.

Bus branding services in Lucknow will help you reap quite a hefty number of benefits, a few of which are discussed below:

A state wide bus branding:

As buses from Lucknow connect the entire state of Uttar Pradesh, a bus wrap ad or an exterior ad in the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) buses is sure to get your brand noticed among the most number of people. Thus an advertising stint in the Lucknow buses has the potential to take your brand to every nook and corner of the state.

Rural Branding:

Buses form the lifeline of the rural transportation of the state. Thus an advertising campaign in the ISBT and on the exterior panel of the buses is sure to carry the message of your brand to the rural parts of the state as well along with broadcasting your brand in the major cities of UP.

A one-time investment move:

Bus branding services require the least attention and are thus the most cost effective way of announcing about your brand to the people. Unlike the digital media platform, bus branding does not require periodic changes or advertising campaigns to keep the people hooked to a brand and has the double advantage of bringing both the passengers and the onlookers in the close proximity to the brand by winning their curiosity through the available options of interior and exterior branding. Bus branding in Lucknow is therefore the best advertising deal that you can ever get with a marginal charge.

Greater scope of revenue generation:

Taking care of the sales is one important way to keep the flag of your brand flying high and lets you invest even more deeply and dedicatedly to the other branding services in the state. As buses from Lucknow crisscross the entire state and the bus commute are one of the most reliable modes of transportation for the people of Uttar Pradesh, a bus branding initiative with the UPSRTC buses is bound to win more audience through its thorough coverage and will play a vital role in raising the sales quotient of your brand. Once the response and the revenue generation of the company from the catchment area receives the due recognition, you can then be assured of taking the next step in advertising activities to expand your business even further to consolidate your position in the race of consumerism.

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