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Why it is a great idea to do Car Advertising in Hyderabad?

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Car Advertising in Hyderabad. Car branding on Ola and UBER cabs in Hyderabad. Car advertising agency Hyderabad.

Why it is a great idea to do Car Advertising in Hyderabad?

There has always been a gradual change in the creativity and technology used in the field of outdoor advertisements. New strategies and methods were eventually developed to stay upbeat in marketing businesses. However, among all the outdoor advertising methods, Car Advertisement is the one that stands out due to its mobility and creativity.


It is one of the most ingenious ways. While the cost of billboard advertising is extremely high and the reach is very low; Car advertising is booming day by day as the companies understand how cost-effective and reliable, marketing via car is. It’s simply astounding because it’s used for small and local businesses to market themselves. It is a mobile billboard that encompasses thousands of potential customers and causes to take action with a little investment.


While how we advertise is a crucial factor to consider for a better campaign, where we do is also another criterion that decides the ROI. Wouldn’t you be thrilled when you can market your brand with a little investment but among a big crowd? Yes, Hyderabad is such a place to reach a tremendous amount of potential customers and to create brand awareness.


Why it is a great idea to do Car Advertising in Hyderabad:


Hyderabad is the capital of the Indian state of Telangana and joint capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is known for its beauty and affluence and not to mention its vast population. It has become an international centre for information technology(IT). Moreover, it is considered to be a hub for trade and commerce. Among so many businesses such as pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, and textiles, service activities that are related to IT have expanded dramatically. As the city’s economy is flourishing with the contribution of large businesses, the population here are thriving.


Furthermore, the city has long been associated with the production of Telugu language films(Tollywood). Not to mention, their tourism sector is significantly growing by luring tourists at a breakneck pace. Choosing Hyderabad for your car advertisement is a smart decision because the perks are vast.


Advertising on cars is an excellent way for a business to generate brand awareness. Whether you cover a whole City or you are flooding a smaller city area with your message. Car advertisement in Hyderabad charms a mass audience, stretching to all ethnic, income and demographic groups within the coverage area of a selective market. Without needing to break the budget, you are in full liberty to reach your target audience and boosting your chances of lead conversions by choosing this outdoor media.


Transportation infrastructure within Hyderabad, however, has lagged behind the ‘city’s rapid population growth, cab services are becoming popular nowadays. More reason to opt-in for the car advertisement. Don’t you think? Due to the population and rise in vehicles, it’s highly likely that most of the city’s crowd can be seen stuck in a traffic jam. This reality makes the car advertisement more quick and impactful way to lure customers. Also, it will make certain you stand out from the competition by going creative with your mobile billboard.

Car Advertising in Hyderabad. Car branding on Ola and UBER cabs in Hyderabad. Car advertising agency Hyderabad.

Why advertise with MyHoardings?

We use attractive and eye-catching car advertisement wraps (Standard wraps or fully wrapped vehicles based on the requirement). We are data-driven, and we focus more on the campaign metrics such as

  • Where is this being seen;
  • How many impressions will this generate;
  • Additionally, we look into the heatmap before deciding on the route for car advertising.

Finally, we take these factors as priorities and distil them into a campaign that reaches as many peodple as possible in delivering the message.

So, parsing the diverse demographics, current demand for cab services and outcome of brand sales that have used our car advertisement in the past; One can rely on this beautiful unimpeachable outdoor media. It is indeed a unique, fruitful and budget-friendly way. We give you superior products and satisfying customer service. Now’s the time to make your products the most loved and used.