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Delhi Metro Station Branding

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Delhi Metro Station Branding – 

Since its commencement in the year 2002, Delhi Metro has been the pulse of the city for 16 years now. Covering the widest routes of Delhi to connecting the capital with the cities of the NCR region, Delhi Metro has been a blessing for both office commuters and leisure travelers. It shortened the distances for travelers on one hand and opened the world of opportunities for advertisers on the other hand. Yes! With a daily ridership of 2.5 million passengers, Delhi metro stations act as lucrative sites for brand promotions.

Metro Station Advertising and its benefits:

  • Spacious: Delhi metro stations are spacious, well maintained and organized. There are proper sites allocated for brand promotions, therefore, the brand advertised gets complete viewer’s attention.
  • No clutter: Metro stations have proper sites allocated for ads; there is no ad clutter on one particular site. Therefore, only few brands can promote at one station at one time. This saves the viewer’s from getting distracted.
  • Train intervals: The commuters wait at the stations till the train arrives; this dwell time is utilized by the brands by interacting with the onlookers through informative, impactful and creative visual ads placed at the metro station.

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An impactful metro station branding leads to:

  • High brand reinforcement: As most of the travelers are daily commuters, any ad displayed at the metro station is seen by them repeatedly, which helps to reinforce the name, USP and image of the brand in the consumer’s mind.
  • High Brand recall: Ads displayed on the metro station generate high brand recall as the target audience is exposed to the ad frequently. Higher brand recall ultimately influences the purchase decision of the consumer. He will tend to pick the brand that he sees on daily bases instead of the others that are on the same sale shelf.
  • High brand awareness: The ads on the metro station, metro smart cards or metro train as train wraps attract the commuters’ attention and prompt them to talk about the same. This spreads word of mouth about the brand and also leads to high brand awareness.


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Metro Station Branding In Delhi

Name Of Metro Station in IndiaMedia OptionsRate
IndraprasthaAmbient Lit PanelRefer
Mayur Vihar Phase-1Ambient Lit PanelRefer
Mandi HouseAmbient Lit Panel | DOOH PanelRefer
Khan MarketAmbient Lit PanelRefer
Satguru Ram Singh MargAmbient Lit Panel | DOOH PanelRefer
JangpuraAmbient Lit PanelRefer
Preet ViharAmbient Lit PanelRefer
Jawaharlal Nehru StadiumAmbient Lit Panel | Lift AdRefer
Rajdhani ParkAmbient Lit Panel | Lift AdRefer
Uttam Nagar EastAmbient Lit PanelRefer