Rajiv Chowk Metro station Branding options !!

Rajiv Chowk Metro station Branding !!

Metro stations have indeed given the advertisers organised and uncluttered sites for fresh and compelling OOH advertising. Metro stations are very spacious and have designated sites for putting up billboards, hoardings and other outdoor advertising options. As metros cover important areas of the city they are a bankable transportation system for working professionals, students and leisure travelers.

Metro station branding is highly effective owing to high footfall at the station but branding at some busiest metro stations such as Rajiv Chowk, Huda city centre, Yamuna Bank etc. is even more rewarding as these are the junctions where people switch trains to travel further from blue line to yellow and red.

Rajiv Chawk Metro station facts:

  • The station handles over 5lakhs passengers on daily basis
  • The station is Wi-Fi enables and passengers can use same for 30 minutes daily.
  • Most popular transferring station as it covers blue line on the upper and yellow on the lower level of the station
  • The station has approximately eight exit and entry gates
  • The station opens into heart of Delhi, Connaught Palace which serves as one place for entertainment, food, shopping and education.

The commuters at metro station include mostly working professionals who are decision makers of the family. They have high purchasing power. The other set of audience include students that act as great influencers in peer groups. Students are highly active on social media and therefore any brand message aimed at them reaches to the similar age group very quickly.

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Rajiv Chowk Metro station Branding options:

  • Back Lit Panels
  • Outdoor Hoardings
  • Brand Kiosks
  • Pamphlets distribution
  • Live demos
  • Internet advertising


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