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Top Radio FM channels to promote business in Delhi

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Top Radio FM channels

Top Radio FM channels work wonders to promote your brand. Millions of people tune in to various radio channels for their daily doses of entertainment. Therefore, radio advertising has the capacity to solidify your brand name in the competitive market.

Radio is tuned in by people from all backgrounds and communities. Thus through radio advertising, it becomes easy to reach out to these people. Besides this, radio advertising is pocket-friendly. And if you consider the cost per reach of your brand ad, radio advertising is then one of the cheapest advertising media options.

Moreover, you can also engage in audience targeting through radio advertising. Different kinds of listeners tune in at different hours of the day to listen to their favorite programs. Therefore, you can ask the radio channel to play your brand ad during specific show breaks. With this much flexibility, it is only evident that radio advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising.

The rage of radio advertising is high in the national capital too. With over 1.9 crore people residing in NCR, the scope of radio advertising is immense in the area. Most people tune in to radio stations on their commute or at home. And with the increasing traffic on the NCR roads every day, the listening time of the audience is only growing.

Additionally, radio channels broadcast their programs to people all across the NCR. Therefore, along with Delhi, your brand will reach out to the cities of Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, etc. So, build strong brand credibility through radio advertising in Delhi.

The types of radio ads on offer at the Delhi NCR FM Radio channels:

  • Jingle Ads: Jingle ads are the most famous radio ads in the Delhi NCR radio stations. The radio channels play jingles of 10 to 60 seconds during show breaks for greater audience outreach.
  • Sponsorship Ads: These ads are 2 to 3 seconds long and work as reminders to people. They are often tagged along with the jingle ads.
  • RJ Mentions: RJs from radio channels often talk about services or products at length by making them part of their content. Often advertisers rope in popular RJs for brand mentions to generate maximum brand credibility.
  • Studio Shift: In this kind of ad, the RJ hosts the show from the advertisers’ location. This kind of branding mostly targets product launches and brand events.
  • Interviews: An ad format where an RJ interviews a representative from the brand team who gives the audience a detailed understanding of the brand.
  • Road Block: Radio channels broadcast only the ad of only a specific brand for a time period. Therefore, all the ad spots for ad jingles and RJ mentions are booked for only one brand.

Top Radio FM Channels in Delhi NCR:

  • Red FM, Delhi
  • Radio Mirchi, Delhi
  • Radio City, Delhi
  • Big FM, Delhi
  • Radio Fever, Delhi
  • AIR FM Rainbow, Delhi
  • Radio One, Delhi
  • Hit FM, Delhi
  • AIR FM Gold, Delhi
  • Radio Ishq, Delhi
  • Radio Nasha, Delhi
  • Vividh Bharati, Delhi
  • Community Radio, Delhi

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