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Advertisers find new hopes in rural markets !!

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Urban markets has been the key focus of advertisers for years but the latest development in the world of advertising is the shift in focus from urban to Rural markets Advertising. Brands and advertisers believe that smaller markets are easy to penetrate than the large and cluttered urban markets. The brands are focusing on Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities for generating revenue from both the markets at different levels. The approach, brand message and medium of communication is different for targeting both rural and urban markets.

What makes rural markets  different from urban markets?

The characteristics:

  • Rural audience have the willingness to raise their living standards through small lifestyle changes. Urban audience on the other hand is looking for brands that uplift their status in the society. For instance, buying LED TV will be a lifestyle change for rural audience while setting up a home-theatre system will be a status uplift for urban audience.
  • Rural audience look for value for money. They experiment with the brand, calculates its worth for money and if become loyal to the brand if they find it worth it. Urban audience on the other hand switch brands frequently due to availability of endless variety. They have their loyalty mostly in high end luxury brands.
  • Rural audience is easy to please via Rural markets Advertising while urban audience is hard to please as they have high exposure of different brands of a single product or service.

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How to build brand loyalty and rural markets advertising with village audience?

  • Give them the best brand experience in the first go itself. The first impression shall be the best one to influence the audience for repeat purchase.
  • Buying offers: Present the audience with attractive offers such as discounts, free product samples etc, to present value for money and benefits in one offer.
  • Easy finance: The rural audience shall be offered easy finance options to make for letting them buy products or service that they might think will not fit in their budget. For instance, easy EMI options for an economy car.
  • Medium of communication: Communicate your brand message through various media such as TV commercials, radio ads and outdoor ads, to make the brand presence feel in the rural markets.

Technological advancement such as the use of smart phones have reduced the gap between the rural and the urban segment. The only thing that makes rural markets advertising more lucrative than the urban ones is the fact that they are less cluttered with brands and product options as compared to urban markets. According to the reports rural markets caters to 50% of total FMCG revenue. Major home brands like Dabur India, HUL,  Patanjali etc have kept the focus on the rural market and earned huge loyalty by Rural Advertising.

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FAQ’s for Rural Marketing in India

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