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Business on Wheels: Advertise on Gujarat State Buses

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We believe that for business promotion a niche space is required where only the segmented audience can find the product and service they are looking for. There are exclusive magazines, media channels, apps and websites where B2B (Business to Business) promotion is done rigorously. However, if we you are a company who wishes to explore more channels to promote their business then outdoor advertising can be a cost-effective solution to it. Sometimes scattering the brand message in diverse direction through outdoor media results into better capturing of audience’s attention rather than reaching them through a single media channel.

Bus advertising on Gujarat state run buses is an ideal choice to implement outdoor advertising for business promotion. Gujarat is known as one of the most industrially developed state as well as manufacturing hub of India. In a state where all kinds of business run restricting to only B2B promotional media can hamper the reach and visibility of a business brand. Therefore, promoting the business through Gujarat state run buses that reach every nook and corner of the city will help the brand to establish its presence strongly.

Benefits of business promotion on Gujarat State run buses (Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation, GSRTC):

  • Buses run across the city picking and dropping riders all day. This helps in exposing the brand message to mass audience and extensive lead generation through bus branding.
  • Buses provide ample space to put up advertising material. The advertisers can utilise side panels, back panel and internal bus banding on bus seats.
  • The daily bus riders develop familiarity with the brand thus encouraging strong brand reinforcement and high brand recall.
  • The brand tries to pitch the brand message to wide audience believing that the most relevant audience would pick up the message instantly and triggering the ones who might take any action later when in need.
  • The brand aims at targeting decision-makers and influences their decision while they are on the move.
  • Buses with specific routes can be used to reach the segmented audience. For instance, buses that run on office routes or industrial areas can tap the attention of employees, working professionals, influencers and decision makers of the family.

Transit Media (Bus/Auto/Cab) Advertising options in India

Transit Media (Bus/Auto/Cab) Advertising options in India -

CityMedia OptionsMinimum Vehicles Required
MumbaiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto Branding, , Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
New DelhiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Metro Ads, Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
GurugrramCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto BrandingCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
BengaluruCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto BrandingCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
ChennaiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto Branding, , Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10

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